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Muhammad Usman Yousaf

English 101
Dr. DiSarro
6 February 2015
America: The Dreamland with Hidden Poverty
My name is Muhammad Usman Yousaf. I am originally from Pakistan
and I came to the United States on September 16, 2013. In Pakistan, I
completed my bachelors degree in commerce and after that I started a
course called Association of Chartered Public Accountant (ACCA United
Kingdom Chartered Body). Over there I took part in extracurricular activities
and even organized an international conference on global issues with other
students called RYMUN. It was successful and I was offered an opportunity to
attend a conference at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. I came
to the United States, visited different universities. I saw the educational
system and the civilization of this country, as well as technology and other
advancements. After observing all of these things, I decided to take
admission in college here and complete the rest of my education in the
United States. My level of education in USA is the equivalent of an
associates degree of accounting. Now I am pursuing a B.A. in Business
Administration at Endicott College.
I was born in a small village of Kashmir Pakistan, and started my
kindergarten education from a school where we didnt have roof and if it is
raining we get off from school. Then I got into another school and I always
got good grades. My parents decided to send me to a better college, as

education is very expensive over there. It was not affordable or easy for my
parents but they wanted to give me a good education and as well my
brothers who didnt get in good school and wanted to me study at good
place and since now they want only from me is good education so I can be
successful in my life. Then I was moved to Islamabad The capital of Pakistan.
Where I got into good school and then college and I was also active in
extracurricular activities and we organized a conference with peers where 12
ambassadors of different countries took part and talked about different
topics including Global Issues like terrorism. This conference became so
successful and became turning point in my life because at the last day of
conferences I was awarded by the acceptance for a Conference at Harvard
University. That was the happiest moment in my life that I achieved
something and my parents were happy about this. I never thought of coming
to America because my parents wanted me to go London, as I have very
sensitive nature, seeing people homeless and begging money on road,
seeing them disable and begging money to provide for family always made
me sick and whatever I get my pocket money I always ended up spending on
them. My parents wanted me to go London where I dont see such thing and
live a peaceful life and make my future, but getting acceptance from Harvard
university and then visa was happy moment for all of us and as we picture
American life, a well stable life full of easy facilities and like if you are in
America you have no problems (thats every person mindset who has not
seen America before).

On arriving USA I saw the civilization of this country, rules and

regulations of government to protect its citizen and infrastructure and
education quality. I felt like I have stepped in new world, I visited different
states; I got attracted to this society. I looked like I have a new perspective
on life. I compared my education level with this education level and find
myself so behind in this world race and then I decided to start my education
here, and learn the civilization and modern culture and then go back and
help people of my country and teach them about western civilization. My
experience with America is great I met with people who are really helpful to
me. I was in NY and searching for college as I had no guideline and I ended
up reaching Endicott college and the Julie Bear advisor of this college, who
guided me so good and asked me to come Endicott college she will get me
admission and help me whatever I needed. So I am now persuading degree
at Endicott College.
I start observing people of America and then compare with people of
Pakistan I find a big difference. People are so civilized, and here people
respect the rule not that they are scared to get punish I liked this a lot.
People off different ethnicity work under one roof without any discrimination,
I always feel good. One day I saw a guy picking up his dog waste in his hand
and walk trash can and throw there, this was really shocking to me that back
home people dont even pick up a paper from road it is like so disrespectful
for them, but this incident changed me a lot and if I ever eat now I keep
wrapper in hand until I find any trash can. We from less develop countries

need a lot to learn from this civilization and this is the reason we choose to
come America so we can learn and then educate people who cannot come
countries like America. And I always say citizen of America are blessed who
dont know what people in less develop countries suffer.
Once I had class late night at Endicott Boston campus, when I got out I
saw homeless people sleeping in front of almost every big mall, that was
really shocking for me and some came to me and ask for food, or for change,
for a moment I thought maybe I am all dreaming that I am in America but
yes I am here and then I often start going and find out its same like back
home, a lot homeless people, even some people they work two jobs but they
hardly pay their bills, I saw the hidden poverty of America and how people
are suffering. I never told my parents that I can see all that here too because
they will get so worry. I never thought people would struggle like this in
America. I really got so disappointed seeing people sleeping almost in front
of every mall.