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1. Call the police! Its 01.00 a.m and theres someone in your house!!
2. You are trying to help a lady whom just got hit by a motorcycle! Call
the ambulance, you need help immediately
3. You are a teacher and you need to call Mr. Smiths to tell him, his
son isnt doing good at school
4. You are on a bussiness trip to Prague, and today is your best friends
5. Youve been living in Paris for 5 years, you are feeling homesick and
suddenly you want to call your high school friends.
6. Call your friend to tell her you cant come to the class because
youre sick
7. You miss your ex-boyfriend who you havent seen in ages
8. Call your brother to lend some money because you want to buy the
new iPhone 6
9. OMG! The cutest guy in class is dating the nerdy girl! You have to
tell your best friend!
You fell from your motorcycle, and now youre in a hospital,
you have to call your parents to pick you up.
Youve found a wallet with a lot of money in it. Theres an ID
and you are a good person.
Youre mad at your friend because he didnt tell you theres
class in the morning
You have a crush on someone in your class, and your best
friend wants the details
Congratulations! Youve won the crossword puzzle quiz! Now
you want to tell your parents about it
You just discover a new delicious recipe, now youre telling
your aunt about it


Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke is a British actress. She was born in London and grew up in
Berkshire, England. Her father is a theatre sound engineer and her mother is a
businesswoman. Her father was working on a theatre production of "Show Boat"
and her mother took her along to the performance. This is when, at the age of 3,
her passion for drama began. From 2000 to 2005, she attended St. Edward's
School of Oxford, where she appeared in two school plays. She went on to study
at the prestigious Drama Centre London, where she took part in 10 plays. During
this time Emilia first appeared on television with a guest role in the BBC's

Andrew Garfield
Andrew Russell Garfield was born in Los Angeles, California, to a British-born
mother, Lynn (Hillman), and an American-born father, Richard Garfield. When he
was three, he moved to Surrey, U.K., with his parents and older brother. Andrew
was raised Jewish. He went to a private school, the City of London Freemen's
School. He began acting in youth theatre productions while he was still at school.
At age 19, he went to the Central School of Speech and Drama.