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Microteach Reflection


Dakota Bradley

This reflection needs to have a 5-10 sentence

paragraph completed for each category in the
Reflection template. Consult with the rubric below
to guide your responses.








his/her own

reflection that
considers self and
peer feedback
and determines
personal goals for
the future (with
strategies to
address them)

Completes all
specific portions
and feedback
from peers

Completes all
specific portions
of the lesson and

Completes all
components of
the reflection

provides little
insight or
evidence of
critical analysis

minimal or does
not critically
components of
the lesson

Strengths of the lesson

For my microteach on Rules for Kindergarten Social Studies, my practicum experience
learning about the kindergarten curriculum and kindergarten students was incredibly helpful.
My attention grabber at the beginning of my microteach was the video from Despicable
Me which was a fun and recognizable way to introduce the topic of rules to the classroom. I
believe some of the greatest strengths of the microteach come from the accessibility of the
lesson, especially for a kindergarten level, the video and Big Book portion of the
introduction was a more interactive method of introducing the topic than a lecture-style intro
or just jumping into the main activity. On both of the feedback forms the book and video
chosen where mentioned as a strong introduction. Although the rule worksheet activity was
less interactive than I had hoped, it still let students express creativity while they showed
what they learned in the lesson. One of my biggest strengths so far in both seminar and
practicum have been the ability to jump in and interact, in reflection, I would say that I am
far more comfortable going from table to table encouraging students and delivering more
focused feedback than I am standing up and lecturing which makes me quite nervous. In
both of my peer feedback forms, my walking through the classroom while asking questions
and making comments was very positive, this helped to keep students on task and thinking
about their assignment. One of the final strengths of the lesson was getting students to
come up with differences in the rules they discussed, these differences included things like
different rules in the home and the different reasons some rules may exist. Talking about
these differences shows students that although some rules are universal, many are not, and
just because one family or group does things a certain way, it does not make it standard.
Overall my feedback reports that I was helpful, my introduction was strong, and the activity
was fun. I consider the strengths of the lesson to be the accessibility to the grade level, the
fun introduction, and my own strategies for more one on one feedback.

Revisions that could be considered

My main revision of the actual lesson plan would be to come up with another idea for the
group work portion at the end of the lesson. The group work and presenting worked out in

ED 2500 Orientation to Teaching

the end, but I felt that my transition from individual to group work was sloppy, and this is
something I really need to observe more in practicum. My main critique for my microteach is
confidence at the front of the classroom, which is something that can affect a lot if I were to
let it get out of hand. Confidence in the classroom can affect classroom management,
community, and even the lesson. Fortunately I was not so nervous that I made many
mistakes with the actual lesson plan, but it caused some problems behind the scenes
including my late filming and my lack of volume with instructions. I also dont have many
strategies in place for classroom management or transitions between activities, which is an
area of improvement that will hopefully come with time and confidence.

Overall evaluation of the lesson and next steps

Overall I believe the lesson was successful. I was able to meet my learning outcomes while
keeping students engaged in the activity. Some areas of improvement are classroom
confidence, smoother transitions, and classroom management strategies. My strengths in
the microteach were a good introduction, effective interaction with students during the
activity, and a well- structured, inclusive, activity for the kindergarten level.

ED 2500 Orientation to Teaching