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Case Study Integrity and Professional Behavior

A junior member of staff has just returned to work after taking special leave to care for her
elderly mother. For financial reasons she needs to work full-time. She has been having
difficulties with her mothers home care arrangements, causing her to miss a number of team
meetings (which usually take place at the beginning of each day) and to leave work early. She is
very competent in her work but her absences are putting pressure on her and her overworked
colleagues. You are her manager, and you are aware that the flow of work through the practice is
coming under pressure. One of her male colleagues is beginning to make comments such as a
womans place is in the home, and is undermining her at every opportunity, putting her under
even greater stress.
How should you proceed so as not to discredit yourself, your profession or the practice for which
you work and at the same time maintaining integrity and confidentiality in your actions? (200
Since her problems are legitimate and there is no question on her capability and commitment
towards work, and her problems are temporary as its just a matter of time, management should
be flexible in accommodating her. As far as missing team meeting is concerned, they can be
shifted in noon or at other such time which is convenient to every member of the team. If this is
not feasible, one of her colleagues can fill her in about the proceeds of the meeting or she can be
temporarily replaced with someone from other department.
Also, she must be concealed regarding her situation and should be told that these concessions are
temporary and she should complete job assigned to her within prescribed time limit and any
laxity will be reflected in her quarterly evaluation
Also, her colleagues must be taken into confidence about her problems so that any future
indignation and voices of impartiality is addressed and it should be ensured that the current
arrangement is to everybodys satisfaction.
The colleague who has been making indecent demands should be made aware of her predicament
and be reprimanded for his sexist remarks and should be given formal warning to mend his ways
or face disciplinary committee.