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In what ways does your media

product use, develop or challenge

forms and conventions of real media

What are the forms and conventions

of electro pop music videos?
Use bright lighting and forms of bright
objects/costumes which helps make the
video stand out to youth audience.
Clear link between lyrics and visuals. For
example during a dance sequence the lyrics
would relate to having fun or being free.
Costumes used are quirky and bright which
create a vibrant and fun atmosphere which is
created in electro pop music videos
Special effects used to create a synthetic
world such as slow motion and reflection

Dance scenes correlate to the intense beats of the
Artists are shown off in a sexual and seductive way,
which is usually accompanied by sexual looking
costumes which reveal the artists figure. This is
usually used by women artists as a way of attracting
young target audiences.
Images shown in electro pop videos are usually in the
location of a party or of people drinking.

Our music video product

The genre of the music we chose to use is electro pop
and the type of music video that we made is a hybrid.
This is because we used both narrative and conceptual
ways of presenting the video. For example one of the
scenes follows a clear narrative of the artist seducing the
male in the music video, whilst in the opening scenes we
used special effects such as UV paint and editing such as
mirroring, which does not follow a story line or the lyrics
in the song. In this sense our music video does not follow
the conventions of an electro pop music video. However
other aspects such as mise en scene, camera work and
editing do follow the conventions of electro pop.cene,
camera work and types of editing we used do follow the
codes and conventions of electro pop music videos.

Mise En Scene


Throughout the music video we

decided to have the artist use
different quirky looking costumes in
each scene such as an all white crop
top and skirt and thick sole sandals
which are not common to wear and is
convention of electro pop music
The makeup we decided to use for
our artist was bright and sparkly eye
liner and red lipstick with a simple
foundation which allowed us to bring
the details of the artists face during
close up shots. Apart from this it did
not just add to the overall quirky look
but also contributed to the various
voyeuristic images of the artist in
various scenes in the music video

We decided to use a
blonde wig through the
majority of the music
video, which
emphasized on the
quirkiness and also
created a free and

For the opening location we used a green screen, which allowed us to
create a blue shaded background which followed the movement of
the artist. The paint powder scene with only the artist are also shot in
the location of the studio.
The first chorus dance scene was shot in the woods and the second
chorus was shot on a open field, this is because it creates a free and
fun atmosphere which the up beat sound of the chorus resembles.
One locational aspect that challenges the forms of electro pop music
videos is during the continuity editing shots within the house. This is
because it builds an narrative but also locations in electro pop music
videos are meant to be unfamiliar and random (sometimes unknown.)

People within our music video wear animal masks
during each of the choruses this is we chose to
express the meaning of the lyrics through the
Gold glitter, bright paint powder and UV paint are
props we use to create special effects with. This
also helps build the conceptuality of our music
video and also helps create an artificial world
which is common within electro pop.
Blonde wig is used by the artist to allow her to
change her natural appearance

In the opening scenes the
lighting is dark which creates a
sense of mystery . The
darkness also allowed our
special effects to be shown
clearer such as the UV paint.
Increased the saturation of
lighting throughout each
chorus to bring out the colors
of the paint power, which
created an joyful atmosphere.
Last chorus, we used spot
lights that all formed a circle
around the group of people
dancing and having a paint
powder fight. This allowed us
to create a vibrant and wild
atmoshpher as there was a
clear contrast between dark
natural lighting and the spot


There are voyeuristic images of both the female

and male body. This is created through a mixture
of facial expressions, camera angles/shots, body
gestures and costumes.
The artist is seen on the floor looking straight into
the camera with a medium close up shot, creating
a voyeuristic image.
On the other hand one of the actors bodies is
being exposed by having his top off. This is a
method used in electro pop music videos to make
the video more interesting and appealing to
desired audience members.

Camera Work

Panning shots around the dance sequences. The

movement of the camera creates a fun
atmosphere which allows the viewers to see all
the actions of the dance scenes which is a
convention used in electro pop music videos.
Close up shots of the artist looking directly at the
camera as seen in the image below.
Long shots of the dance sequences
Medium shots of both the artist and male actor.

-The editing used in the music video is in correlation with
the rhythm and beat of the song. This is a convention
that is seen in all electro pop music videos as its a way
of keeping the viewer interested and on edge.
-Types of editing that we used during the chorus scenes
were fast cuts and straight cuts to different people either
dancing or throwing paint powder. This is because it
added to the fun and exhilarating atmosphere.
-On the editing software, we have applied a variety of
filters. This is predominantly seen within the scenes
where paint powder is used. The use of filters is a
convention used in electro pop as it helps increase the
vibrancy and aluminates color tones such as the paint
powder, which is why we chose to apply this editing tool
to our chorus scenes.