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Tools for Teacher Evaluation

Observation Form - Domains 2 and 3

Teacher: Stephanie Bohn
Grade Level(s): Third

Observer: Richard R. Kaskey, Principal

Subject(s): Social Studies

Governor Mifflin School District 2014-15

Date: March 12, 2015


2a. Environment of Respect

and Rapport
Teacher Interaction with Students
Student Interactions with One
2b. Establishing a Culture for
Importance of the Content
Expectations for Learning &
Student Pride in Work
2c. Managing Classroom
Management of Instructional
Management of Transitions
Management of Materials
Performance of Non-Instructional
Supervision of Volunteers & Paras
2d. Managing Student
Monitoring of Student Behavior
Response to Student Misbehavior

2e. Organizing the Physical

Safety & Accessibility
Arrangement of Furniture & Use of
Physical Resources.

Classroom interactions among the teacher and

individual students were respectful, reflecting genuine
warmth and sensitivity to students as individuals. One
student pointed out something interesting in the video;
Rosa Parks died around the time most students were
born. The teacher praised the student for making the
connection and contributing to the class discussion.
The teacher maintained a positive and with it
demeanor that showed students she cares about whats
going on in the classroom and is committed to the idea
that were all in this together.
The teacher designed a learning experience that called
for levels of collaboration, discussion, and interaction
among students.
The teacher uses transitional signals with students: i.e.
timer, chime, song, chant, and sign language. Flash
them in 1-2-3 - verbal cue to gain students attention.
The teacher created tasks and activities that were
interesting and relevant to students. Materials and
supplies are appropriate, organized, and accessible to
students. The teacher created a classroom environment
that had the capacity to surprise and delight students
(e.g., through enthusiasm, humor, novelty, color,
movement, etc.)
The teacher seems to have established clear standards of
conduct and effective management of student behavior;
students take responsibility for their behavior.
Proximity control is used to decrease inappropriate
behavior; students lined up in an orderly fashion to go to
The classroom has a safe and skillful organization of
physical space, to the extent it is under control of the
teacher that provides accessibility to learning resources,
materials, and technology.
The classroom was arranged to support instructional
goals and learning activities - teacher made appropriate
use of technology.

Governor Mifflin School District 2014-15


3a. Communicating with

Expectations for Learning
Directions and Procedures
Explanations of Content
Use of Oral and Written Language

3b. Questioning and

Discussion Techniques
Quality of Questions
Discussion Techniques
Student Participation

3c. Engaging Students in

Activities and Assignments
Grouping of Students
Instructional Materials and
Structure and Pacing

An Activating Strategy was used at the beginning of class

to build prior knowledge, motivate, preview key
vocabulary, and prepare students for learning. What did
we already talk about? Who did we already talk about?
What is another word for same? A student responded
equal. Has anyone ever heard of the civil rights
movement? Who else wanted people to be equal?
Essential questions are posted and used to start lessons;
they are referred to throughout the lesson and revisited
at the end of the lesson: How have people and events in
the past changed our lives today? What crime did Rosa
Parks commit to that changed our history? Teacher
facilitated discussion, encouraging the students to talk
and ask questions in a respectful manner - a turning talk
with each other about the essential question.
The teacher used postage stamps of Martin Luther King
Jr., Rosa Parks, and Susan B. Anthony to get the
students thinking about connections. The teacher showed
a brain pop video dealing with Rosa Parks. One student
shared out their answer to the essential question.
Comment: Why didnt you afford more time for other
students to share? Quite possibly due to the time

Which statement is most important to the reader? Rosa

Parks was an activist who did not support segregation.
Rosa Parks finished high school when she was 20 years
Assessment Criteria
old. #1 is the most important statement.
Monitoring of Student Learning
Which statement is most important to the reader? Rosa
Feedback to Students
Parks was denied the right to vote three times. Rosa
Student Self-Assessment and
Parks became a member of the NAACP and worked for
Monitoring of Progress
equal rights for everyone. #2 is the most important
The teacher has the ability to make minor adjustments to
a lesson; the adjustment will occur smoothly and the
3e. Demonstrating Flexibility
teacher will successfully accommodate students questions
and Responsiveness
or interests. The teacher is persistent in seeking
Lesson adjustment
for students
who have difficulty learning,
Mifflin School
District 2014-15
Le Response to Students
using a wide variety of strategies in her repertoire. All
students were able to see and hear what the instructor
was doing throughout the lesson.
3d. Using Assessment Student