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Interns Name Terryl Green

Date March 6, 2015

Subject IPG Lesson Plan

Grade Level 5th

1. TEKS 130.26 Culinary Arts, Grade 5

(c) Knowledge and skills.
(11) The student demonstrates the knowledge
and skills required for careers in the restaurant,
food, and beverage industry. The student is
expected to:
(A) Understand the basis of nutrition;

2. Big Understandings
Give students an understanding of the
recognizing which food goes to which food
Food conscience starts early.

By the end of the activity you need to know all of the food
groups: Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Protein and Milk, and
food items for the group.
It will give you the ability to match the bingo card.
Will be able to read and listen at the same time. Eye and
hand skills increase.
Your reading, listening and writing skills development

Assessment Evidence
Teacher will monitor groups while engage in the activity.
On an index card students will write 3 different food groups that they learned today or a different day.
Students will be encourage to write some different kind of food into their proper group that was not including
in todays activity or students will read the Food Group Bingo words to the teacher before leaving the center.

4. Opening Hook
Raise your hand if you have played Food Bingo before?
Raise your hand if you dont know how to play bingo?
5. Instructional Strategies / Student Activities
Teacher Input/Modeling Please refer to the FOOD GROUP BINGO CARDS. Give and example.
Guided Practice Pass out the CARDS
CFU (Checking for Understanding) Ensure the students understand how to play.
The lesson will be introduced by the teacher asking the students to list three food groups and identify what food
belong. Students will be able to work in small groups and will be allowed to share their answers with the large group
shortly after they complete this activity.
Independent Practice
6. Materials / Resources
Food Group Bingo Cards
Index cards / pen or pencil / computer
7. Grouping Patterns
Bingo Groups of four each

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8. Ending, Summary / Reflection

As students play with the Food Group Bingo game, they will become more proficient in recognizing and
identifying what kind of food belongs to which food groups: Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Protein and Milk.
9. Technology
How student will use technology:
Students will use the computer/internet to complete Track Star word document of the index cards.
Track Star is your starting point for online lessons and activities. Simply collect Web sites, enter them into Track Star, add annotations for your
Students and you have an interactive, online lesson called a Track. Create your own Track or use one of the hundreds of thousands already made
by other educators.

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