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Teacher: Mrs.

Course: Life Skills: Applied Math, Science, English
Grade: 12
Course Objective(s) and Goal(s)

To increase the students knowledge and skills in Math, Science, and English
Demonstrate knowledge and skills that will help prepare for high school


Understand concepts of whole numbers

Understand the relative values of fractions and decimals
Understand the properties of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and
Understand the concept of ratio and percent
Understand and apply strategies to obtain reasonable estimates of length,
time, weight, and temperature measurement
Analyze a situation and define a problem
Apply strategies to solve a problem


Use word recognition and word meaning to read and comprehend text
Build vocabulary through reading
Read fluently, adjusting for purpose and material
Understand elements of literature- Fiction and Non-Fiction
Comprehend important ideas and details
Read different materials for a variety of purposes


Life Skills: Applied Math, Science and English is designed to provide students
with the opportunity to meet IEP goals in all areas of curriculum and to help
them prepare for life after high school.

Attendance Policy

Credit Loss Students must be in class 90% of the time. A student who is
absent to a half-credit course more than 9 days will lose credit for that
course. A student who is absent to a one-credit course more than 18 days will
lose credit for that course.
Tardiness A student who is not in class after the tardy bell rings and does
not have a valid written excuse for admittance to class will be marked tardy.

Late Work

In accordance with school policy, I will accept late work from students that
results from the student missing an assigned deadline. Students that are
absent will fall under the make-up policy. Students will have one school day to
turn in missing work, with a 10 point penalty taken per day. I will NOT accept
late work more than one school day after an assignment is due, absolutely no
excuses. For example, if an assignment is due on a Friday, it would be due
the next corresponding Monday. If you, the student, have an extenuating
circumstance it is your responsibility to let your teacher know as soon as

Make-up Work

School policy will again apply. Please remember that it is the responsibility of
the student to collect all late work from the instructor promptly. %lease do
not ask your instructor for make-up work weeks after it is assigned, for
example. If possible, try to ask for all assignments before you are absent to
avoid any confusion.

Class Rules

The student
The student
The student
The student
The student
dress code.
The student


be seated in his/her desk before the tardy bell rings.

bring required materials to class always.
follow directions the first time given.
treat himself/herself, others, and his surroundings with

must follow the district student code of conduct and student

must be seated while awaiting dismissal by the instructor.


Verbal Warning
Student and teacher conference
Parent and teacher conference
Referral to administration

Supplies: Paper, Pencil, Pen, Kleenex

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