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Carly Smoot

7375 Pinal Avenue ! Atascadero, CA 93422 ! Phone: (805) 423-1626

E-mail: ! Website:

Single Subject Credential: English, March 2015
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Overall GPA: 3.8
M.A.: English, March 2015
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Overall GPA: 3.8
B.A.: English/Minor: Psychology, 2011
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California
Overall GPA: 3.6
Senior Project: The Love Out Loud Campaign, Project Coordinator
California Polytechnic State University Cum Laude 2011
Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society Member 2011
Cal Poly English Club Member 2011
California Polytechnic State University Deans List 2007-2010
Richard J. Weyhrich Leadership Scholarship-San Luis Obispo County Community Foundation 2006

Teaching Experience
Creative Writing/Poetry Instructor at San Luis Obispo County Juvenile Hall, Non-Profit Restorative Partners, July 2013-present
Implements creative writing techniques once a week, focusing on writing as a tool for therapeutic self-expression and positive
Designs engaging and thoughtful lesson plans to reach a specific, at-risk student group
Fosters a safe environment for students to explore their own stories and teaches them how to share their ideas and writing as a
non-violent communication skill
English/ASB Leadership Student Teacher at Nipomo High School, March 2014-March 2015
Developed creative and effective lesson plans and assessments to meet groups of diverse learners across 10th grade English classes
and the ASB Leadership class (ELs, students with IEPs and 504 plans, high achievers, etc.), as well as integrating Common Core
Standards into the classroom
Built trust and rapport with students to foster a safe learning environment where all students feel comfortable learning, sharing,
and growing by making use of differentiated instruction and setting a positive, productive tone for the classroom
Successfully incorporated technology into the classroom through Prezis, Google Docs and programs, YouTube videos, Apps, etc.
Positively collaborated with staff inside and outside of the English department, administration, students, and families
Teaching Assistant, English Department, California Polytechnic State University, September 2012-December 2013
Organized clear, creative lesson plans and assessments that both fully integrated specific course objectives and engaged students
in college level thinking/learning, as well as, adapted curriculum to serve different student needs
Offered support to students outside of class through office hours, by appointment, and through e-mail
Assessed short writing assignments, group assignments, and longer papers
Successfully incorporated visual rhetoric and technology in the classroom
Early Start Instructor, English Department, California Polytechnic State University, June 2013-July 2013
Facilitated online course by maintaining PolyLearn page, digitally receiving the five writing unit assignments, and assessing and
giving effective feedback on students assignments
Supported these struggling writers by answering questions and offering help by way of online office hours through PolyLearn
chat, Skype, Google Hangout, and e-mail
Emphasized creating a comfortable, digital learning environment to help build student confidence and writing skills before they
entered college composition courses

Tutoring/Grading Experience
Lucia Mar Unified School District Writing Assessment Grader, February 2015
Trained for grading writing assessment and graded hundreds of student essays across all grade levels
Writing Center Tutor, California Polytechnic State University, March 2012-June 2012
Tutored undergraduate and graduate students with a variety of writing needs (research, form, word choice, grammar,
development, theses, logic, outlines, rewrites, etc.)
Felt comfortable and thrived at working with writers at all points in their writing process
Proctored Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE)
Student Assistant/Grader for English 240 (The American Tradition in Literature), California Polytechnic State University, 20102011
Graded short answer quizzes and exams for the 120 student lecture hall

Relevant Experience

Administrative Graduate Intern, Mental Health Services Act, San Luis Obispo County Behavioral Health, 2012-2014
Friday Night Live Coordinator, Non-Profit Friday Night Live, San Luis Obispo County Behavioral Health, 2007-2012
Gymnastics/Cheerleading/Dance Coach, California Gold Gymnastics and Cheerleading, 2008

Professional Experience
The Damned Spot: Blood, Gender Difference, and the Renaissance Body in Doctor Faustus and Macbeth-Conference Paper
Paper presented on March 9, 2013 at the Health, Mental Health, and Literature-Graduate English Conference, Boston
College, Boston, Massachusetts
The Princess and the Frogpondians: The American South, North, and the Space In-Between in Edgar Allan Poes Annabel
Lee-Conference Paper (accepted, but unable to attend)
Giving Voice to the Dead: Haunted Histories and Living Landscapes in Literature, Pennsylvania College English


Technology skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, basic HTML, Google Drive, Apps, and Prezi
ERWC Certified (hours will be completed April 2015)
CPR, First Aid Certified

Dr. Megan Guise
Associate Professor of Education/English
California Polytechnic State University
(805) 756-2134/

Mr. Matt David

Vice Principal
Nipomo High School
(805) 431-0412/

Mrs. Linda Hansen

University Supervisor
California Polytechnic State University
(805) 466-1068/

Mr. Nathan Shields

English Teacher/English Department Head
Nipomo High School
(805) 459-0717/
Mrs. Monica Anderson
Activities Director/Social Studies Teacher
Nipomo High School
(805) 509-9104/

Online Teaching Portfolio