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Freddie Burquez

Camille Pack
English 2010 Section 14
March 13, 2015
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A documentary on air pollution sparks a code red in China

There was a little girl who was born with an illness that may have been caused by air
pollution and that requires surgery, A former television journalist who produced a film about
pollution in china describes her anxiety that delivers a devastating portrait of how Chinas
pollution has become a major threat to health and says due to poor air quality citizens feel air
particles infiltrate the human organism that can result to get poor health from the dirty air they
are breathing can lead to serious issues in the long run when older having breathing problems.

Poor Air
Quality in

Young parents have been seriously alarmed at the potential dangers to children from pollution
and contaminated food, such as some parents protecting their children to the extreme that they
dont let their kids go outside and for example there was a parent named Ms. Chai explains how
over one year she kept her daughter indoors for 175 days out of fear of the hazards in the air to
affect her daughters health since that is An issue in that part of the world due to poor air quality.

How to lower high levels pollution is by reducing our carbon footprint which means the
less use of fossil fuels. Negative effects of pollution can harm water quality, air quality, and even
global climate that can make the planet warmer and make the glaciers in the artic to melt quicker
than they have in the past centuries, and make a disappearance of an icy landscape that took
thousands of years to form. The ice is melting a lot quicker than is was thirty years ago and it
shows that today it melts eight times faster and fifty feet per day. Glaciers everywhere are
changing and shrinking but while this is happening this will rise the sea levels by one foot which
can cause harm to those who live close to a shore of oceans around the world and will make
them have to leave when it becomes unsafe to live and hazardous to their health with water

The Rise
of water

A main question is if the ocean water continues to get deeper due to the glaciers melting and
make water level increase where would these people who live by the shores of the ocean where
would they go to live and can be accepted to live somewhere else due to a high number of human
population where do you want extra thousands of people in your community without feeling to
over populated and who would go out and help these people that were impacted.
Water pollution has negative consequences for people, animals and all species that live in water.
It destroys important food sources and contaminates drinking water with chemicals that can
cause immediate and long-term harm to the health of living things.


Global warming is hitting the hardest in the artic, Right now greenhouse gas levels in the
atmosphere are higher than they were in the last half million years and the reason for that is the
only explanation is the burning of fossil fuels. What is happening today in the atmosphere is
causing Greenland to go into a major meltdown and we do not know how long it will take before
the glaciers all melt down.
The Greenhouse effect is reflected infrared wavelengths that escape into space, however they are
redirected back to earth by the greenhouse gas molecules which causes it to warms the air and
stay here on earth and makes the planet warmer and starts the climate change around earth.
This month in china more than 175 million people in tuned into a highly personalized
science-driven documentary about the countrys debilitating smog problem, this caught the
Chinese public at a moment of intense focus on the wide-ranging impacts of air pollution from
coal-fired power plants and vehicle emissions, but later that week the government took charge
and forced the media outlets to discontinue coverage of the documentary. The film was banned
for its popularity, not for its message and the ban is a reminder that the Central Government
insists on setting the agenda and providing the solutions.

Smog in the
air due to

One thing that we can do to lower pollution is the less use of our vehicles and can rely at one
point to use public transportation for that is why it is there for us to us, for example when im
going downtown I use the trax and just park at the central station where you first get on the train
and get on and get off on your destination.
Another tip could be A simple thing you can do it help the air would be to not use a drive-thru
with a long line anywhere you go and prefer to park your car and go inside instead of cars all
clustered together outside releasing fuels with no purpose intended just waiting would rather
have you wait inside and think of the air and how by doing that you can lower pollution.

Air pollution is reaching unhealthy levels, and transportation emissions are responsible for 50
percent of ground level ozone, this means that the vehicle emissions we are producing are
hazardous to our health and the health of our children.

The truth about emissions is high ozone levels can cause poor health for citizens and
with side effects such as coughing, throat irritation and chest pains and can lead to a medical cost
to get healthy again and let us try and prevent this from happening and make the air safer from
everyone in the valley.
Earlier this month china suffered from a thick layer of toxic air over Beijing and much of
northern China on Friday, censors smothered a wildly popular but controversial documentary on
the country's air pollution, removing it from all major video streaming sites due to the
government not wanting the issue to make it to internet sites.
The Chinese government says the government cares about the environment as much as you do,
but only one of you is free to talk about it and not go out to tell everyone on social media.

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