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Objective(s): To understand Institutional prejudice and how it relates to them and

Essential Question(s): What inequalities continue to exist today? Are some of these
inequalities difficult to see?
Relevancy: Students will use their knowledge to enrich their understanding of
prejudice by using their understanding of empathy. By doing this students will be
better able to understand the struggles of the characters in TKAM.
Warmup: Writing Prompt: Institutionalized Prejudice
Activities: Discuss Prompt, Multiple Perspective Paragraphs
Close: Collect the Multiple perspective paragraphs
Independent Practice: H.w. Read ch. 10 and 11
Materials needed: Computer, Screen, paper, writing utensils

Objective(s): To understand symbols in both TKAM and the students daily lives. To
create their own symbol that is relevant to themselves.
Essential Question(s): What is a symbol? How do symbols affect us?
Relevancy: Symbols appear frequently in TKAM and by understanding symbols the
novel can be made easier for students to process. By analyzing the symbols
students see every day they will have a better understanding of what they see on a
daily basis.
Warmup: Discuss Symbolism and TKAM symbolism
Activities: Analyzing symbols worksheet, creating your own symbol
Close: Finish creating symbol for homework if not finished.
Independent Practice: HW. Ch. 12
Materials needed: Paper, crayon, markers, Pencils, computer, screen, worksheets

Objective(s): To demonstrate their understanding and knowledge of symbols

Essential Question(s): Is how you interpret a symbol the same as someone else?
Relevancy: Demonstrating their understanding of symbolism. Developing public
speaking skills

Warmup: Writing Prompt: What symbols do you see every day? What do they mean
to you?
Activities: Presentation of created symbols
Close: If no time left for presentations time for them tomorrow.
Independent Practice: HW. 14 and 15
Materials needed: Students work and Rubrics

Objective(s): To form an understanding of the female symbolism in TKAM.

Essential Question(s): What makes the women in TKAM different and similar?
Relevancy: Sexism, racism, and inequality are a part in TKAM. Students will begin to
evaluate how these issues directly relate to both the novel and themselves.
Warmup: Quiz
Activities: Poem Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou, Discuss women in TKAM,
Character Trait Chart
Close: Discuss Sexism in TKAM and how that creates inequality.
Independent Practice: HW. Read ch. 16 and 17
Materials needed: Poem, quizzes, character trait chart

Objective(s): To organize the order in which evidence and testimony is present. To

create a crime time line.
Essential Question(s): Is this trial in TKAM turning into a fictional repeat of the
Scottsboro Trials?
Relevancy: Organizing and mapping out the trial will provide clearance and
Warmup: Writing Prompt
Activities: Discuss court proceedings and workings, Trial Evidence chart,
Close: Begin to create a crime timeline so the students can follow events.
Independent Practice: Hw. Read ch. 18
Materials needed: Trial evidence chart