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Teacher Education Lesson Plan Template

Teacher Candidate _____Paige Railey________ Date and Time of

School _____Elementary School________ Subject/Grade Level __High
School 9th/10th grade_
Description of Lesson: Students will be given Sculpey Modeling clay to
make a small model of the animal they plan to create for the final project of
the unit. Students will be encouraged to make a plan of objects they plan to
use for the final sculpture using their model as inspiration.
Lesson Title: Modeling Clay part 2: Modeling Clay
National Core Art Standards: Use multiple approaches to begin creative endeavors. Shape an artistic investigation of an aspect of present day life
using a contemporary practice of art and design.
Instructional Objective(s) Criteria:

Assessment(s) of the

What should students know or be able to do by

the end of the lesson? Objectives should be
observable and measurable
Antecedent: Students should be use their
drawing from the previous lesson and create a
modeling clay model of the animal along with
brainstormed ideas for the assemblage
Behavior: Students will be attentive during the
presentation and demonstration. Students will
work individually.
Content: Art
Degree: 100% accuracy

Students will be assessed on

their final drawings completion
as well as by observation while
working by the instructor.
Rubric for grading will be used
for final drawing.


PowerPoint Presentation
SmartBoard equipment
Drawing from previous lesson
Sculpey Modeling clay
Modeling clay tools (if needed, students will provide)

Prerequisites (Prior Knowledge):

Social: Students should be able to work quietly, avoiding distracting other

classmates. Students should be able to share materials without having issues.
Cognitive: Students should be able to understand what is taught and apply it to
their work. Students should be able to develop their project on their own with
previous knowledge on drawing.
Physical: Students should be able to use all materials properly and safely. Students
should be able to keep up with the rest of the class and stay on topic.
Emotional: Students should be able to work separately on their own work without

copying or getting offended by others.

Instructor will provide a demonstration of what is expected for this unit.
Students will be encouraged to use their drawing from the previous lesson to
make their clay model.
When students are finished with the model, it will serve as a tool to help
them come up with ideas of objects to use for the assemblage project.
Students will keep record of these ideas and brainstorm others before
moving onto the last lesson of the unit.

To accommodate for students who may have a harder time focusing or

concentration, I will be sure to check on them throughout the lesson. By walking by
their desk and looking at their work, I will be able to see if they are keeping up and
following along. Students who may work quicker than the rest will be encouraged to
create a second model of their animal.