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a is neue e DSCs ee Tan How will you determine the criticality and value of assets? Have you established an asset management framework with clear -~ objectives and processes? How wil you develop inspection, test and maintenance plans? How will you develop inspection, ‘est ant maintenance plans? How are you monitoring and managing ‘deviations? Have you achieved your objectives In your asst Integr ‘management pracess what went wrong? How will these results, help solidify. _ a Tesources, competency needs and the processes needed for the assets life cycle? Piktochart ALTAR OS CM yTaa Nem OTC LSSTaa NUNS CUSy Cr econ ao POT A EAA MCU eC PUES E RS cel How will ou ensure consistent performance of assets, throughout their ives and still deliver corporate objectives profitably? 1Do you have a toolbox of techniques ‘to manage all asset related risks? How will you allocate roles and responsibilities tothe right people Is there proper documentation and ‘communication between asset stakeholders ‘what tools or processes are you using in assessing and improv! ‘performance? How can you continually improve the performance of asset Integrity programme? How can you perform even better next time? ‘What needs to be changed going forward? iQ