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RWTHAACHEN UNIVERSITY Der Rektor Dezerat 20 Intemational Hochschul bezichungen, Fundraising und Alumni Abteilung 24 Zugong und Sores Tomplergraben 87 52082 Aachen, Gamany Ausiut oct abt 2.1 Ta, #49241 e0.a0674 Fox, #49241 2082661 inerational@rati-aachen de veneration deinemationales OTH Aachen Uivsy 525 Ase Gay Datum 28.01.2013, To whom it may concern, an applicant at RWTH Aachen University has approached you with a request for a letter of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are required for all English language Master's degree programs at our university Our applicants are asked to scan these letters and to upload them on our ‘online application plattform. For this reason | kindly ask you to hand out your recommendation in an open letter and to allow the applicant to scan the letter. For technical reasons it is currently not possible to upload the letters seperately or to send them in paper form. ‘Thank you very much for your kind understanding and your cooperation. Yours sincerely, QA— a (0, Diotor Janssen)