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Fieldwork Time Log

Students Name: Faith Yee Fieldwork Project: Graphic Novel

Mentors Name: Greg Marathas

Correspondence: Provide a record of each time you correspond with your mentor (phone &
email) and the topic of your conversation.
I extended a request for a mentor to multiple art schools, art museums, and
individual teachers, Mr. Marathas being one of them.
Mr. Marathas responded with the most speed and enthusiasm and it was confirmed
that he was to be my mentor.


We spoke about the most convenient way to converse and work through the graphic
novel and we both agreed on using Skype. He also agreed to send Mr. Caisse his
contact information.


I told my mentor that I would send him my portfolio through e-mail when I have some
rough sketches


My mentor told me that if I send him sketches, send it to him a few days before the
meeting date so he has time to make notes in order to discuss.


We agreed to meet on the 11th of October after I take my SATs at 5 PM.


My mentor agreed to meet on the 12th, and said he would teach me how to create the
website, even though it's kind of advanced.


Mr. Marathas had some work to do, therefore the meeting on the 12th was postponed
to Tuesday, later that week.


I sent him my main goals and to-do list though an e-mail for validation and postponed
the Skype meeting again due to business.


We agreed to meet at 6:00 PM, but my mentor couldn't make it onto Skype, therefore
the meeting was moved to the next day.


My mentor was finishing up his class and was still in the studio so we had time to have
the meeting.


I asked my mentor if he is able to confirm by fieldwork log and also if he received an e

mail sent from Mr.Caisse


Mr. Marathas confirmed that he has filled out all the necessary paperwork and asked
me about setting up solid deadlines. I have replied to him but he is yet to answer me.


I realized that there was more business I had to attend to after my SATs, therefore the
meeting was moved to Sunday, the 12th of October. I also asked my mentor about his
art website portfolio and if he could teach me how to create one of my own.

Fieldwork with your Mentor: Provide a description

of all work completed under the direct guidance of
your mentor.
I discussed my troubles with the plot of the

Number of Hours
45 minutes

graphic novel because I realized that I wouldn't

be able to fit everything I want to draw and say
in only four chapters and in the short time that
is allotted for me to work. So I told him about all
the ideas I had and he advised me to immerse
myself into putting everything onto paper. We
also talked about ways to save me time when I
draw and edit. We will reconvene in early
November to filter out the rough spots in my
initial new plot and revise some character
9/15 9/20

9/23 10/01



Independent Fieldwork: Provide a description of all

fieldwork you complete independently.
While waiting for replies from potential mentors, I
had already started to sketch and think about
topics for my graphic novel, which was going to
be a more sci-fi kind of setting in the future and
also feature themes of censorship, rebellion, and
racial/class division.
I practiced and researched many different styles
from many graphic artists and mixed their
resources with my own to make a whole new style
that I currently still use.
With a copious amount of effort, I was able to
create my main characters from scratch in
different body positions and outfits. I also had
some environments sketches out.
I kept drawing and practicing based on my
character sketches, I was going to send the
sketches to my mentor only to realize that my
initial story plan couldn't entirely work to my
favor. I had no choice but to start anew.
After a process of more research and intense selfreflection, I came to the conclusion of using
existing elements in my story instead of creating
new elements with my sci-fi plot, which would use
up a lot of time in explanation for the exposition.
I turned my project to a whole new direction and
quickly wrote up some notes to use America's
history as my setting and surround it in the same
themes I had before, but just in the context of the
four greatest yet darkest chapters of American
I continued working out my chapters so they
would stay on the same theme I had created
previously but I have thrown out the need for
initial character sketches and settings after
learning some digital drawing tricks that will
allow me to keep the same proportions of the
illustrations without re-drawing the entire scene.
This will save me a lot of time. I have finished the
rough draft of chapter one, which is the longest
chapter. The rest of them I planned to be more
introspective, therefore short but meaningful,

Number of Hours
4 hours

13 hours

5 hours

3 hours

2 hours

1 hour

18 hours

which means I can finish a rough draft chapter in

about two weeks. I also underestimated the time
it actually took for me to finish a chapter because
the self-induced pressure to be perfect, if I can
get over this psychological roadblock, I can speed
the process much quicker.

This period of time was extremely difficult for me

to get much work done because the parentals
have left for vacation and I have been in a nonstop rotation of going home, cramming all the
household chores in the afternoon, and
completing college applications and homework at
a family friends house in the evening. This lasted
until winter break began. But what I have been
able to do is complete the last draft of the second
chapter because it is so short.

3 hours


I am done with chapter two because the final

process of a graphic novel is just to trace over the
rough draft and make adjustments. I wish I could
work according to my mentors set deadlines but
he has not been replying and I do not have the
time to wait things out. But I am confident
enough in my own artistic and creative ability to
work without too much of my mentors control.
But hopefully I can contact him again to go over
the drafts and make some minor changes and
figure out how to create the website to put my
digital works on.

5 hours


I took the entire vacation time and other snow

days that were spent indoors to work on my final
chapters, chapters 3 and 4 so I can finally do
some editing, hopefully with my mentor when he
replies. After I am finished with editing, it will be
ready to be published on my public blog instead
of having to create a website from scratch. So far
the process has been smooth because I have
flexible working time, I work by myself so I dont
really need to wait for any sort of approval, and I
simply enjoyed what I have drawn because I think
I am good at what I did.
I had finished the final drafts and only have some
last minute editing to do. Thankfully I have two
more weeks or so to spare to edit but the overall
project is finished.

26 hours


13 hours