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How to Tie a Shoe

Josh Petty
ETT 511

Step 1: Lace Length

Hold both laces up to
make sure they are
roughly the same length

Step 2: Make an X
Hold one lace in each
hand and cross the right
lace over the left one.
This will create an X
with the laces.

Step 3: Under and Through

Take the right lace and pull
it under and through the left
one (through the bottom
opening of the X).

Step 4: First Knot

With one lace still in each
hand, pull tight.

Step 5: Make a Loop

With the thumb and
index finger of your left
hand, pinch a point 3-4
inches away from the
knot on the left lace.

Step 6: Make a Loop (Cont.)

The place you pinched in
step 5, switch hands and
pinch it with your right
thumb and index finger.
Hold the lace up.

Step 7: Make a Loop (Cont.)

While holding the lace up
with the right hand, slide
your left hand down, toward
the knot. This will fold the
lace, with the pinched part
being at the top of the loop.

Step 8: Wrap the Right Lace

With your right hand, wrap
the right lace behind the left
index finger and the created
loop. The left hand should
still be pinching the loop by
the knot.

Step 9: Loop Two

Push the right lace through
the gap occupied by the left
index finger (between loop
and right lace) with your
right thumb.

Step 10: Loop Two (Cont.)

When the right lace comes
through the hole, pinch it
with the thumb and index
finger on the right hand.
This will create a second

Step 11: Knot Two

Pinch the left loop with the
thumb and index finger of
your left hand. Pinch the
right loop with the thumb
and index finger of your
right hand.

Step 12: Knot Two (Cont.)

Pull outward with the right
loop in your right hand.
Keep the left hand and
loop static and do not pull.

Step 13: Knot Two (Cont.)

Keep pulling the right loop
through until the knot is
tight and both loops are of
equal length. This may
eventually require left loop
to be pulled slightly.