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EdPuzzle Instructions

Creating an EdPuzzle Video

1. Log-in and make sure you have a class created.
2. Click on My Videos tab on the top right.
3. Options for selecting a video:
A. Upload Existing Video using the Upload tab. If you have the file on your
computer, use this option. Select where the videos are stored and drag and
drop them from there.
B. Create a New Video Lesson using Creating a New Video Lesson tab. You
can search existing videos in all the popular videos sites such as YouTube,
Discovery Education, etc. If you have the URL, paste it into the search box.
4. Once the video is uploaded, you will be prompted to begin the 4 step editing steps
to create your video.

Video Editing
1. Cropping (Red Circle): Move the red handle to the desired beginning and end to
your video.
2. Audio Track (Blue Circle): Click microphone and record your voice by plugging in a
microphone, right clicking the microphone link next to the play button and talking
into your microphone. You may also use a built in microphone if you have one on your
computer. If you make a mistake, you can remove and reset recordings after they
have been recorded. The Audio Track step is optional; however, please note you will
have to record the entire transcript for the video. If you prefer to record over a small
section of your transcript, using the following step, Audio Notes, rather than Audio
3. Audio Notes (Yellow Circle): Click on the yellow tab and enter your own voice. You
can record thoughts, questions, reminders, notes, etc. It will ask for permission to
use your microphone, please select yes. Speak clearly into a microphone plugged into
your computer.
4. Quizzes (Green Circle): When you want to add an open ended question, multiple
choice response or comment at any point in the video, press pause. Click the green
handle on the bottom of the screen. It will prompt you to insert a formative
assessment to check your students' understanding.

Saving Your Video

1. Click the Done tab where you will name your video and select the language for
2. It will then ask if you want to assign the video to your students. If you say yes, it
will take to you your classes and assignment window. Make sure the correct class is
clicked and is highlighted in blue. (Make sure you do not allow students to fast
forward through the video. Check the box stating you do want them to be able to

Using Data to Inform Instruction

1. Click on your class.
2. Under Actions, right click the blue tab labeled Progress.
3. You will find the Questions Understanding Overview which shows you the
percentage of how many students answered a specific quiz question
correctly/incorrectly. You can click on the specific question to view how your students
answered the question.
4. The overall performance is color coded based on the following:
Gray: Not Started

Red: Help/ <60%

Yellow: Good/ >60%-90%

Green: >90%

5. Click on a students name. This will give you several forms of data:
A. percentage of videos completed
B. percentage of quizzes completed
C. number of questions answered correctly
D. number of times the student watched each section.
*this is color coded for you: (white=x O, green=x 1, orange=x 3 and red=
or > x4)
E. amount of time on video segments
F. student quiz answers (you have the option to leave a comment on each
6. Export data into an excel spreadsheet: simply click on the orange tab labeled,
Export Grades to CSV