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Reflective Analysis of Portfolio Artifact

NAEYC Standard:
Candidates prepared in early childhood degree programs understand that successful
early childhood education depends upon partnerships with childrens families and
communities. They know about, understand, and value the importance and complex
characteristics of childrens families and communities. They use this understanding to
create respectful, reciprocal relationships that support and empower families, and to
involve all families in their childrens development and learning. (NAEYC, 2010)

Brief Description of Evidence:

During the fall semester of 2013 during my ECED 243- Cognitive Curriculum
course, I composed a family calendar for the families in a two year old classroom. This
family activity calendar, has developmentally appropriate activities, based on the
Indiana birth through three year old foundations. The calendar activities focus on
physical development, social/emotional development, language development, and
cognitive development. These activities also encourage bonding between families and

Analysis of What I Learned:

Through completion of this family calendar, I was able to learn how to interact and
involve families of the children that I serve. I now know the importance of building and
creating relationships with families and communities to benefit their childs development
and learning. Through this artifact I have learned how to bring the classroom into the
household and collaborate with families to create a partnership to understanding their
child, so that I am able to provide them with an educational experience that will impact
them on an individual basis. This calendar will bring families closer together and provide
the child with the change and opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in different skill
areas. I am also able to educate the families about the stages of development that their
children may be going through. I am able to refer back to Erikson and his theory on
developmental stages. His theories have guided me in how to help create a positive
environment for the child in both their homes and the classroom.

How This Artifact Demonstrates my Competence on the NAEYC

This project is just one of many projects in which I work collaboratively with
families to create a fun, interactive, and engaging learning experience for the child and
family to do together. I am competent in my abilities to establish relationships with the
families of the children that are in my classroom. Creating a trusting, welcoming,

supportive and respectful relationship with the families empowers the family and child to
achieve the best learning experience. Working together and involving the families and
communities creates an environment for the children to strive and be successful in their
early childhood education.