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21 Whistler Place

Coldwater, Ontario

Sarah Austin
Durham College
September 2014 Present
Oshawa, ON

In my first year at Durham College in the Biotechnology

Advanced diploma program.
This program is allowing me to develop many relevant and
practical laboratory skills as well as gain a large amount of
background in different areas of science such as: microbiology,
chemistry, and biology.
Trent University
September 2012 April 2013
Peterborough, ON

Completed one year at Trent University for a Bsc. in

Environmental Science.
Gained some hands on laboratory experience and strong
theoretical knowledge in areas such as: geology, environmental
chemistry, and geography.

Relevant Skills

Working in the lab during my college and university career, I

have had to work independently to complete an experiment. This
has allowed me to excel at working self-sufficiently.
The lab experiments in my analytical techniques class at Durham
College have taught me how to maintain a clean and organized
lab bench. We learned how to properly clean and handle lab
equipment, as well as safe disposal and handling of chemicals in
the lab.
I have learned to work quickly and efficiently in a fast-paced
environment by working in the lab and having to complete an
experiment in a small period of time.
I developed a strong attention to detail in the lab, with no
experimental errors.
Working as an office assistant made me proficient at using
various types of computer software such as, Microsoft Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. This has given me experience
with preparing reports and recording data.

In my chemistry and environmental science classes at Durham

College and Trent University we did water testing experiments,
some of these tests include; pH, conductivity, chloride and
sulphates tests, flame tests, and tested for water

21 Whistler Place
Coldwater, Ontario

Sarah Austin
Work Experience
Parks Canada Trent Severn Water Way Lock Operator
June 2014 August 2014.
Severn Falls, ON

Safely and efficiently operated the lock, allowing boats to pass

through in a timely fashion.
Dealt with the public in a positive, respectable manner by
helping them secure their boat in the lock and making sure their
time going through the lock was an enjoyable one.
Sold water way and mooring passes to customers on a daily
basis and enforced the proper water way rules and regulations.
Bass Lake, Mara & McRae Point Provincial Park Assistant
Head Gate/Office Assistant
May 2013 August 2013.
Orillia, ON

Organized and processed group camping and picnic shelter

reservations over the phone for Bass Lake & Mara Provincial Park.
Counted and corrected the floats of all the gate attendants at
Bass Lake, Mara, and McRae Point Provincial Parks. This was done
by locating any discrepancies and using attention to detail and
problem solving skills to find a solution.
Registered campers to campsites and addressed any concerns or
questions regarding a campers stay at the park in a professional
and positive fashion.
Ontario Parks Office Assistant
July 2012 August 2012.
Orillia, ON

Entered and recorded data into Excel and Word, allowing me to

become proficient at operating Microsoft Office.

Trusted with the job of taking customers credit card numbers

over the phone for penalty refunds and processing their

21 Whistler Place
Coldwater, Ontario

Sarah Austin
Laclie Guardian Pharmacy Cashier
October 2009 May 2012.
Orillia, ON

Worked in the dispensary of the pharmacy where I assisted the

pharmacist in accurately filling prescriptions for patients.
Dealt with customers over the phone and in person, addressing
any concerns and making sure to ensure customer satisfaction.
Worked as a cashier ringing through store items and


Standard First Aid and Level C CPR with AED.

Smart Serve Certified

Volunteer Experience
Canadian Cancer Society
September 2009 June 2011
Orillia, ON
Volunteered for the annual daffodil campaign, putting together
bags of daffodil bulbs and selling them at various locations.
Volunteered at the annual Cancer Relay for Life and did various
jobs, including: setting up the luminaries around the track,
counting the donations, organizing the teams, and parking lot