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Final Project

1. You are the owner of Air Asia Bhd. Your company is making profit, whereas
the government run Malaysian Airlines is running on loss and almost about to
bankrupt, even though both the airlines are operating from the same
company. Being the C.E.O of Air Asia write a proposal letter why they should
give the operation to you and what should be the profit sharing or what would
be your proposal. Write a proposal to the authority of Malaysian Airlines.

2. You are an owner of a suit manufacturing company. You want to be in the top
3 suit manufacturers in the world. You are applying to the Investment Alliance
Ltd. (U.K) for funds. Write a proposal letter stating the industry background
and Bangladesh prospective. Also keep in mind the following things while
writing the proposal letter:

Your build up cost. ( Best is if you go flat instead of high rise building)
Machineries list and cost and its productivity by each line.
Stuffing and wages
Working capital
Training period
. (add ons)

3. Bangladesh has the chance to really exceed in tourism but the lack of
awareness and investment from the government is not generating enough
revenue from it. Write a proposal letter to the authority why they should give
it your company to operate. What are the ideas and implementations you
would do to bring it up. Please remember that you are in a Muslim country
and we do not have mix culture unlike Malaysia or India.

4. Bangladesh has plenty of agriculture land and handful of labor. What project
you should do that a financial institute would fund you. Come up with the
project profile and than write a proposal letter to the financial institute.
Please do not forget to mention why you choose this project instead of
others, means justify and give brief background of the agriculture sector.
5. You are a hedge fund manager; a client came to you for a funding purpose in
real-estate sector. How would you guide that client. Prepare the whole set of
document and write a proposal letter to your funders.