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Educational Issues Lesson Individual

How prominent was your groups inquiry question when you were
engaging in your planning? How did you ensure all teaching and
learning activities were tightly aligned to your inquiry question for the
Our groups inquiry question was prominent in our planning as far as
what we were looking for in our research. We wanted to know whether
or not detention/suspension is still considered effective as a discipline
technique and that is what we focused our research on. We also looked
into some of the political issues of the debate, like prejudicial
discipline and due process in expulsion hearings.

When were your students most

Students were most engaged in
our final class discussion. Just like
we saw in our cone of learning
sheet, when students are able to
participate in the discussion, they
are more engaged then in a typical
lecture setting.

When were your students least

I think our students were least
engaged during our presentation of
research findings in the lecture
style. Good attention grabbers will
only get you so far if no one has to
take notes and they are just
listening to material lecture-style
like that.

Reflecting on the lessons of your classmates, what did they do that was
most effective for your learning (be specific)?
Lending a larger amount of time to classroom discussion was most
effective for my learning, and it is something I wish we had done. Class
discussion with interested students brings about a lot of opinions and
reason to any argument and can broaden your thoughts on a topic. If I
could do it again I would scrap our scenario sheet activity for a longer
classroom discussion
What are two lessons this assignment has taught you about teaching?

1. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to discipline

strategies, but the topic does follow research trends.
2. Having a group to plan and organize a lesson can be helpful, but
during the lesson itself things can get a little cramped and
disorganized with more than one teacher.