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ESA Grant Application

Group 3

Background Information

Humphrey Middle School located in Bolingbrook, IL

757 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students
78% low-income, 2% homeless, 5% ELL
16% white, 24.6% Black, 51.5% Hispanic, 5% Asian, 3%
In 2012, 72% of the students met or exceeded on the
ISATs in science
By 2014, only 55% of students met or exceeded in
science on the ISATs

Tropico Game

This grant is being written for the purpose of receiving money to purchase
30 classroom copies of the game Tropico 5.
Tropico is a simulation/sandbox game in which students act as a dictator of
a small island. In their capacity as dictator, students must research proper
farming practices, manage the islands economy, and keep the people of the
island happy.
Succeeding in the game requires students to do scientific research and
investigations, gather and record data, and use mathematical reasoning.
The use of Tropico in the classroom encourages informal reasoning skills in
the areas of science and mathematics.
Using this game, players will be able to attempt to advance a country and
make decisions which directly impact the citizens of the country. Those
decisions will decide whether, or not, the country thrives or crumbles.

Common Core Standards


Funding Request
All 7th grade students will participate in the
One computer lab will be equipped with the
Each computer lab has 30 computers
The game costs $40 per PC license
$1200 in funds is being requested

Project Execution
Two 7th grade science classes, 17 students each
Six instructors: 2 science (leads), 2 math, 2 language
All participate in refining lesson plans, assessments, and
One license per lab computer = 30 licenses
Instructor training: tutorial and plan walkthrough
8 weeks: 3 prep, 2 implementation, 3 evaluation
Computer labs meet/exceed game recommendations

Subject Areas of Focus: Math, EnglishLanguage Arts, and Science
Math: Financial Spreadsheets
ELA: Typed Reflections
Science: 1-3 page Research Paper

Other Funding Options
Remaining funds from Humphrey Middle
School Math and Science department