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Kevlar Fibers

?Whats the Kevlar

Kevlar ( Trade name ) is a material formed by
.para-phenylenediamine and terephthaloyl chloride

?Whats the Kevlar

. Aromatic polyamide (aramid) threads are the result

Kevlar issynthesizedin solution from the monomers
phenylene-diamine( para-phenylenediamine )
andterephthaloyl chloridein a condensation reaction
.yieldinghydrochloric acidas a byproduct
The result hasliquid-crystallinebehavior, and mechanic
drawing orients the polymer chains in the fiber's

liquid-crystalline material extruded through a
spinneret (a small metal plate full of tiny holes
that looks like a shower head) to form Kevlar
yarn. The Kevlar fiber then passes through a
cooling bath to help it harden. After being
sprayed with water, the synthetic fiber is wound
.onto rolls
If layers of the woven Kevlar are combined with
layers of resin, the resulting rigid material is
.light and has twenty times the strength of steel

.Spinningis a major part of thetextile industry
It is part of the textile manufacturing process where
.fiberare converted intoyarn, thenfabrics

General Features of KEVLAR

High Tensile Strength at Low Weight

Low Elongation to Break High Modulus
(Structural Rigidity)
Low Electrical Conductivity
High Chemical Resistance
Low Thermal Shrinkage
High Toughness (Work-To-Break)
Excellent Dimensional Stability
High Cut Resistance
Flame Resistant, Self-Extinguishing

Mechanical Properties of Kevlar

Some of Kevlar type &

There are three main types of Kevlar.
1. Kevlaris used as a reinforcement material
for some car tyres and bicycle tyres. It helps
dramatically reduce puncture rates.
This standard of tyre is more expensive than
ordinary road tyres. They are of particular use
with 4 x 4 vehicles, especially when the vehicle is
being used off road and far away from recovery

2. Kevlar 29is used in the manufacture of body

armour (panels) for lightweight military vehicles. A
good example is the US Armys Bradley Fighting
Vehicle. This has been used extensively in Iraq and
Afghanistan. Kevlar 29 was selected for its
armour, because it is lightweight and withstands
attack from RPGs. The Kevlar 29 panels protect
the soldiers inside the
Kevlar 29 is ideal because it is lightweight and
non-flammable and it offers protection from high
temperatures (fire bombs, etc...). Kevlar 29 can
also withstand the harsh environmental conditions,
found in hot climates.

3. Kevlar 49is used for specialist boat

hulls and in the aerospace industry. It is
popular as a material for boats because it is
lightweight and can withstand a considerable
amount of force(torque - twisting force), tensile
stress and impact. Hulls manufactured from
traditional materials, such as fibreglass, are
limited in their resistance to forces and stress.
Also , a lightweight boat is faster on the water
and uses less fuel to complete distances.

3. Kevlar 49 .
Eurofighter is relatively light compared to other
similar fighter jets, due to the selection of Kevlar
49 as a material in its manufacture. This means that
it can fly faster and further, before in-flight refuelling
is needed. It is more agile than its rivals due to
excellent force (torque - twisting force) and tensile
stress resistance. The plane is more likely to survive
being hit by small arms fire, compared to other fighter
planes, as Kevlar 49 has excellent impact