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Hummingbird Bakery Wedding Cake Contract

Wedding Date: May 30, 2015

Couples Name: Robin Bennett, Susie Erlund
Venue: Millstone Hill Lodge, Barre, VT
Time of delivery: 1.00pm
Deposit: There is a $50 deposit paid in advance to reserve a
wedding cake and wedding date. In the event of
cancellation, the deposit is non refundable.
_____ Initial.
Down Payment: In addition to the deposit, a 50% down
payment is expected at the time of the reservation. In the
event of cancellation, the down payment will be refunded
within 30 days. _____ Initial.
Final Payment: The final payment of your wedding cake is
due upon delivery. ______ Initial.
Cancellation Policy: Hummingbird bakery will accept
cancellations up to 60 days prior to the date. This will result
in a full refund of the 50% deposit but not the $50 put down
to reserve the date. Cancellations with less that 60 days
notice will result in the loss of the 50% deposit. _____ Initial.
Cake Set: The $50 deposit to reserve your date also serves
as your set deposit. Should your cake include pillars,
toppers, stands, etc, they must be returned undamaged one
week after your wedding date. Late delivery will result in the
forfeit of your deposit. In the event that you neglect to return
your set by the day specified in your contract, you will be
responsible for the cost of replacement. _______Initial
Delivery & Set-Up Fee: There is a $25 delivery and set up
fee. We deliver within 50 miles of the bakery. Deliveries
further than 50 miles will result in an additional charge of
10c per mile. Our delivery person will arrive at the time

arranged. After the cake has been set up we are not

responsible for any damages incurred _____ Initial.
Allergies: Our bakery uses milk, nuts, soy and wheat;
therefore our cakes may contain traces of any of these or
other allergens. We are not responsible for allergic reactions
to our products. A full list of ingredients is available upon
request. ____Initial.
Inedible Items: Any items on the cake that are inedible must
be removed prior to consumption. This includes ribbons,
wires on flowers, jewels, etc. We will provide a list of all
inedible items for venue staff. We are not responsible for
venue staff that will be cutting and serving your cake.
Flowers/Other Decorations: In the event that we are left to
arrange loose flowers or arrange other decorations, there will
be a further charge of $20 for the storage and care of these
decorations and/or fresh flowers delivered to the bakery prior
to the wedding _____ Initial.
Insurance: In the event of any damage to the cake upon
delivery we will repair any damage to the cake. _____ Initial
Fillings and Storage: If the cake filling is a mousse it must be
consumed within 4 hours of us setting up the cake if it cant
be kept in a refrigerated setting. Should the cake sit out for
longer, in warm conditions, then guests could potentially
become ill. We will provide full written instructions. ____
Anniversary Gift: At Hummingbird we like to celebrate
milestones with our customers. Please give us one weeks
notice and we will provide a 6 cake to celebrate your first
anniversary. We will use the same flavor profile as your
wedding cake. No delivery available with this cake._____

Guarantee: At Hummingbird we promise you the best

product and the highest quality of service. We can guarantee
that all your requests will be met. It is an honor for us to be
part of your special day. We are always available for
questions and comments.
Contact name: Susie Erlund
Contact Number: 802 792 5768
Emergency contact name: Robin Bennett
Emergency contact number: 802 566 4565
I have read and understand all the components of this
contract. I have agreed to all of the above. I agree to keep a
copy of this contract for my records. ______Initial
Name (print):________________
Signature: ___________________

Date: __________________

Hummingbird Bakery Invoice

Invoice Number: 2031
Three tier Wedding Cake
Fondant Covered
Number of guests: 70
Cost per slice: $4.25
Non refundable date deposit $50 paid 02/30/15
Subtotal: $297.50
Delivery Cost: $25
Total: $322.50
Balance due as of February 20, 2015: $161.25 paid

Final balance due May 30, 2015: $161.25

Hummingbird Bakery Wedding Cake Order Form

Order Taken By: Nancy Kluberspies
Date Ordered:
February 20, 2015
Customers Name(s): Robin Bennett, Susie Erlund Contact
Number: 802 792 5768
Date of Delivery: May 30, 2015
Address: Millstone Hill Lodge, Barre, VT
Delivery Required: Yes
Set up
Required: Yes
Allergy Requirements: No
per cake

Cake filling








10 SQ



Cake Coverings

Special Instructions: Cake is to be decorated using brush

embroidery. Cake to be garnished with fresh flowers.

Nancy Kluberspies
Wedding Cake Clientele, prices, competitors
Hummingbird Bakery is happy to accommodate all budgets. We charge
$4.25 a slice per person. This is on the high end but we offer a
comprehensive service that alleviates all the stress from the couple.
We also use locally sourced ingredients where we can as well as
seasonal produce. We shy away from using out of season fruits unless
the couple insists. We aim to keep out carbon footprint down and every
little bit helps. We find that people are very happy with our ethos and
our prepared to pay a little bit more. Our consultations and tasting
sessions are professional but also comfortable. We appreciate that
weddings are stressful and require a lot of planning and time. We aim
to help minimize that by offering support and advice. We pride
ourselves on being able to interpret the couples vision into their
dream cake be that traditional or contemporary.
At Hummingbird we have noticed that people are on tighter and tighter
budgets. For this reason we offer a smaller wedding cake option -for
example a 10 that is decorated alongside sheet cakes to feed all the
guests. We are finding that this is becoming more and more popular.
The couple still gets a focal centerpiece for their photographs but all
the guests get a slice of cake. We can also offer wedding cupcakes as a
more affordable option.
Hummingbird is competitive in the area but we separate ourselves
from our competitors by offering a 6 cake to celebrate the couples
first year anniversary. This will be made of the same flavors and fillings
as the wedding cake. We like to stay connected to our clients and feel
that the best advertising is word of mouth.
On our bakery contract we note down all our allergens. We offer
flourless chocolate cake as a gluten free option BUT it will not be made
in a gluten free environment so will only be suitable for someone with a
wheat sensitivity. We can also offer sorbets for anyone following a dairy
and gluten free diet. Our contracts stipulate that we work in an
environment that uses flour, soy, dairy and nuts.