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Assignment # 1: Article Analysis

Makisha Hampton
Dr. Basil Ibelgboulain
ECO 405: Economic Problems and Issues
October 30, 2012

Provide a brief overview/synopsis of the issue.

Poverty is defined as the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of
money or material possessions (Merriam-Webster, 2012). Poverty and food insecurity are two
global issues that are major worldwide. Indebted governments, hunger, poor education and lack
of proper medical care for people are led on by poverty. According to our textbook, Some twothirds of the worlds population goes to sleep hungry at night and one-fifth of the world survives
on nothing more than $1 per day (Sharp, Register, & grimes, 2010). Poverty in the United
States has been a social, political, and human rights issue for decades. Furthermore, the United
States have been considered one of the richest countries in the world. Some may even say that it
is the land of opportunity for all or even the land of freedom. This is true for some Americans.
However, on the other hand, many Americans are in poverty and children of Americans are
suffering in America. Many families are not able to send their children to school on a regular
basis. The lack of education and intelligence has put individuals at risk of finding jobs and
supporting their families. The government needs to pay more attention to the poverty issues
within the country. In this paper we will analyze a news article on poverty and how it affects
The American Dream. The American Dream is land of opportunities and achieving success
through hard work.
Today there was an article on on Is the American Dream Dead. This article
was focused on the economy and how the recession had a major impact on the working classes.
It explains how those with a high school education or less have been affected by losing their jobs
due to lack of education. The article also talks about the inequality of income from losing jobs. A
recent report by Georgetown Universitys Center on Education and the Workforce found that

employment among people who didnt attend college has been flat since the recovery began,
meaning people who lost their jobs cant find new ones (Francis, 2012).
Discuss the model or economic theory that relates to the issue presented in the news article.
The economic theory that relates to the news article is a nations well-being depends on its