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Monthly Insight into State Colleges Apartment Subletting Market

Monthly Insight into State Colleges Subletting Market

Issue #2
May 2015
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Executive Spotlight: CEO
PSUblet Value Overview:
Constructing an Ethical Foundation
PSUblet Survey Statistics

255 East Beaver Avenue

State College, PA 16801
(See map below for our location)

Contact us at 1- 800-642-6051

Executive Spotlight: Get

To Know Our CEO,
William Lucas
William Lucas is one of the co-founders
of PSUblet and currently serves as the
companys Chief Executive Officer.
William is a current sophomore in the
Schreyer Honors College and Smeal
College of Business and is pursuing
degrees in finance and economics. He
believes that through effective strategic
planning and a strong team work ethic,
the PSUblet management team can
achieve the companys strategic goals. In
addition to his role as CEO of PSUblet,
William is also an active member of the
Sapphire Leadership Academic Program,
the Penn State Hedge Fund Club, and the
Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. He also enjoys
playing soccer and guitar in
his free time. Feel free to
ask William any questions
you have if you see him
around campus!
Learn more by visiting us at

Monthly Insight into

Built On Values

Constructing an Ethical Foundation

PSUblet is not only committed to serving its members and
delivering an exceptional customer experience, but also to
building a strong foundation based on ethical conduct and
principles. As we strive to gain the admiration of both the
community that we serve and our own employees, we place
emphasis on these 4 main values:
As a company built on strong moral principles, all of our actions must
be governed by honest and ethical standards. A failure to conduct
ourselves with integrity not only could discredit our pursuit to become a
well-trusted and leading housing service within our community, but also
could put our members and investors in harms way. In order to instill a
strong sense of integrity within our workforce, we have outlined strict
guidelines and policies that our employees must follow and promote
constant review of such policies. We also strive to be extremely
transparent with regards to the disclosure of all company events and
reports and provide the public with all relevant information as quickly as
possible. Through these efforts, we continue to build a culture rooted in
ethical conduct.

Did You Know

Out of 82 respondents surveyed by the PSUblet research team,
91% of individuals felt that there was a need for a more
comprehensive, subletting service, like PSUblet?
96% felt that problems associated with finding a sublet are
Out of respondents who previously experienced the subletting
Only 13% were very satisfied the efficiency of the sublet
matching service they used?
Only 22% were very satisfied with their roommates?
While numerous housing services currently fill the Penn State
housing market, none focus solely on subletting. This gives
PSUblet a competitive edge, as we can build a specialized service
based around our customers needs and find the perfect subletting
match for each individual.

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Tips for Marketing Your House/
Apartment on PSublet

Respectful Working Environment

PSUblet actively promotes and fosters a respectful and inclusive
workplace. Our employees are our most important assets and deserve to
be treated as valued and respected members of our organization by both
their peers and management. All members of the PSUblet organization
are required to attend mandatory seminars and workshops that teach
them how to interact respectfully with each other and how to deal with
various internal and social conflicts that may arise within the workplace.
A demonstrated lack of respect by any member will not be tolerated and
will be addressed immediately.

Community Outreach
PSUblet understands the importance of playing an active role in
improving our community. We constantly strive to fulfill this role
through company outreach initiatives, as well as through various
partnerships with local service organizations and charities. Some
outreach initiatives that the company conducts include an annual
company-wide day of service and monthly visits to homeless shelters and
food kitchens. Many of our initiatives are made possible through the help
of other dedicated, State College organizations, and we deeply value the
relationships we have created with these entities. We hope to continue to
build upon such relationships and establish new partnerships, as well.

Youth Development
Our nations youth are the leaders of tomorrow, and PSUblet strives to
take an active part in the development of our future leaders. We work
with elementary and middle schools, as well as other educational
organizations, to carry out educational programs and seminars for
students. The current management team of PSUblet possesses a wide
range of expertise in multiple disciplines, including finance, accounting,
design, and information technology, and the team aims to use these skills
to provide students with a broad knowledge base. We continue to work
together and communicate with these various organizations to improve
upon relationships and understand their students specific scholastic

Junes Featured Properties

Suggested Timeline for
Subletting for Summer, Fall, and
Spring Semesters

For more information regarding our company values, view our first
corporate governance report, which will be issued on June 1, 2015, along
with our next company newsletter.