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Physics 2: Assignment 4 (Semiconductor Physics)


Sketch three lattice structures: ( a ) simple cubic, ( b ) body-centered cubic,

and ( c ) face-centered cubic.


Describe the procedure for fi nding the volume density of atoms in a crystal.


Describe the procedure for obtaining the Miller indices that describe a plane
in a crystal.


Describe the procedure for finding the surface density of atoms on a

particular lattice plane.

The volume density of atoms for a simple cubic lattice is 4 X1022 cm3.
Assume that the atoms are hard spheres with each atom touching its nearest
neighbor. Determine the lattice constant and the radius of the atom.
Consider a simple cubic structure with a lattice constant of a 4.65 .
Determine the surface density of atoms in the (a) (100) plane, (b) (110) plane, and
(c) (111) plane.

(a) Determine the distance between nearest (100) planes in a simple cubic
lattice with a lattice constant of a 4.83 . (b) Repeat part (a) for the (110) plane.
Consider the diamond unit cell shown in Figure 1.11. Determine the (a)
number of corner atoms, (b) number of face-centered atoms, and (c) number of
atoms totally enclosed in the unit cell.
The lattice constant of a simple cubic lattice is ao. ( a ) Sketch the following
planes: (i) (110), (ii) (111), (iii) (220), and (iv) (321). (b) Sketch the following
directions: (i) [110], (ii) [111], (iii) [220], and (iv) [321].
10. For a simple cubic lattice, determine the Miller indices for the planes shown in