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Appendix B: Form for CE (Clinical Educator) Observation

Student teacher, you are responsible for uploading a copy of this observation to TaskStream and
Blackboard. Your CT should complete at least 2 observations during the student teaching experience.

CT Name:
Observation #: __2_ of 2
Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Subject Area: Math
1. Did the lesson unfold in the way the student teacher had planned? Please explain.
Jordan had to go at a slower pace than probably expected. The students were having a hard
time staying focused and remembering the information previously learned yesterday. However,
she was able to teach the information she had planned to teach. After the first 10-15 minutes of
the lesson students seemed to settle in and were then ready to learn.

2. Were the learning targets clear for the lesson? Did the students gain a true understanding of
the learning targets?
Yes, she started off by reviewing math facts which is something the students struggle with.
Then she spent a couple of minutes reviewing the lesson from yesterday. She told students we
would continue working on arrays.

3. Were the students engaged throughout the lesson? What suggestions do you have for the
student teacher in terms of student engagement?
Yes, students in this particular math group have a difficult time staying focused. Jordan stopped
after a few minutes and allowed students to exercise for 2-3 minutes to give them a break.

4. Was classroom management an issue during the instruction? What strategy/strategies do

you have for the student teacher to improve classroom management? Classroom management
was not an issue. Jordan allowed students to move when necessary. She also ignored the fact
that several students werent sitting correctly or were standing up because they were working
hard. That was nice to see. Instead, she used positive reinforcement and the students really
responded well to this.

5. If the student teacher taught this lesson again to your students, what changes would you like
to see?
I probably would have the math fact sheet on the desks for students to begin working on
immediately as they entered the classroom. This would help them get settled more quickly.
However, the lesson was taught very well and students responded well to the lesson.

6. What are some overall steps the student teacher should take in order to further strengthen
his/her meaningful facilitation of content delivery? None-Jordan is always very prepared and
knows what content she will teach each day. She uses every second of teaching time possible.
Date of Post - Conference: Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Specific Feedback for the Student Teacher:
Continue to do the fantastic job you are doing. You are always very well prepared and organized
which is very important so that each second of teaching time can be used. The students
respond very well to the positive reinforcement you gave throughout the math lesson. You
create a very calm environment where you respect each student. That is a great quality to have.

Questions / Concerns for University Supervisor:

Cooperating Teacher,
Once the observation has been completed, please conduct a post-conference with the student
teacher and share your perceptions of their progress. Once the post conference has been
completed, please email a copy of the final draft to the student teacher and the University

Student Teacher, Please upload a final copy of your observation to the appropriate dropbox on