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Sarah Dunn

ENC 1102
Leslie Wolcott
23 Jan 2015

Literacy Narrative Draft

As I pondered on how to write my introduction speech for my speech class, I thought of ways in
which I could capture my audience in order to gain their attention so that I could gain more
confidence when speaking to them. When one is enticed in what you have to say and potentially
offer, they close their mouths and open their ears. I started my speech with We all know Miley
Cyrus, the girl from Hannah Montanna who currently is headed down the same path as Amanda
Bynes right? Alright well Im not here to confirm whether or not she is in fact pregnant with
Juicy Js baby, but instead Im going to lamely quote her and say that I have the best of both
worlds. This introduction seemed to really take with my classmates as well as my speech
teacher. I felt more confident continuing my speech because I knew that I had executed my
opening sentence. This confidence as well as my writing and speaking skills didnt happen
overnight however, these skills were embedded within me through years and years of schooling
in and outside of academic institutions. Literacy is usually defined by a person being capable of
reading and writing. However, through my recent experience in college I have learned that
literacy is more multifaceted than the basic definition it has been given.

I would define literacy as the fundamental base for intelligence. In order for one to do
more than just survive in life, in order for one to thrive, the basic foundation that must be
instilled within a person is knowing how to read and write as well as analyze the information
being given to them. Anyone can take the information they are given and retain it, however, one
with intelligence and one that is literate would be able to further analyze and decipher what the
information they are being given is, as well as ask questions to expand their understanding of the
said subject. As I continued writing my speech I also thought about ways in which I could sell
myself or sound more interesting to the class. This is ultimately a tool in which many of my
literary sponsors have taught me. A literacy sponsor, in my opinion, is someone that helps to
shape the experience a person has in a literary context, which in turn affects ones life entirely.
For me, as well as most, I have multiple literacy sponsors who have helped to shape the path I
took when it came to my literacy journey. A literacy sponsor is not limited to only being a
human, institutions serve as literacy sponsors as well. Schools, places of religion, tutoring
centers, libraries, even a prison can sponsor a person in their literacy exploration. In my literacy
journey I was ultimately influenced by those influencing me, which is why I am most confident
in this subject due to skilled sponsors. The way in which I carry myself, speak, interact with
others, as well as the way in which I perceive the world has all been initially molded by the
people and resources I was provided with.
I have always viewed the ability to read, write, and draw informative conclusions as my
most powerful weapon in life. Nothing is handed in life, especially to a female, and as a person
of color. This is ultimately why I view this as my freedom in obtaining the justice I seek for
women as well as black people. I find myself interested in various social issues throughout
America as well as the world. Being literate has allowed me to take in the world around me and

make observations, conclusions, and most importantly solutions. I seek change and I seek it now,
so I plan on furthering my education so that I can expand my knowledge and make connections
with other people in my areas of interest in order to carry out my plan of action. Ive had strong
female influences throughout my life that have helped to dictate the subjects I tend to take the
most interest in. My grandmother is a writer whose written children books that were prominent
within my childhood, as well as a book of poems, a book of short stories, and a book that she is
currently working on dedicated to the newest member of my family, my cousin Alejandro. She
also was a professor at Barry University where she taught commercial writing as well as
fictional. Recently she taught a semester at Broward College in writing. Although all of her
literacy career hasnt affected me or really influenced me, she has. Based upon the conversations
and reading material she provided me with as a child, my grandmother instilled in me a certain
kind of awareness about society and the way in which it functions. I remember having
conversations about things well advanced from the things I was reading and learning in class. I
honestly couldnt be more grateful for what were once complex conversations because they have
helped in more ways than one reading off of a paper.
Many times Ive found the institutional sponsors I had to only provide the bare minimum
of what is considered an education. There is a certain quota that must be followed, however, I
feel as though there is a major lack of concern for the upcoming generations including my own
in terms of expanding their knowledge as well as participating in politics. This comes from the
lack of teaching and preparation from institutional sponsors to provide students with the skills to
make decisions outside of just the academic discourse taught in schools.

Conclusively, I have had an adventurous literacy journey in which I plan on expanding.

Literacy to me is an empowering tool that can be used in every aspect of my life. I plan on using
literacy to make connections within my career as well as in life.

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