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Exam 2 Terms and Ideas

Paleolithic Old Stone age

Nomad No permanent settlement
Sympathetic Magic
Megaliths Large coarsely cut stone (Stonehenge)
Menhir a single stone
Cromtech Circle of stones
Trilithon Three stones making a door shape
Treasury of Atreus First man-made stone dome
Cuneiform First human alphabet. Mesopotamia (land between rivers)
Stele A commemorative monument
Shamash God of the city of King Hammurabi (first laws)
Talion Laws an eye for an eye
Heiroglyph Sacred carving: writing based on pictures
Khufu grandfather
Khafre - father
Menkaure son
Scribe Literate person
Akhenaton First monotheistic
Amarna Period Only period of time in Egyptian history where it was
monotheistic and art changed drastically
Nemis Egyptian headdress
Neolithic- new stone age
By 4000 B.C.E. urban societies have developed in Mesopotamia and Egypt
Ziggurat A tall stepped tower of earthen materials
Writing first appeared in ancient Sumer around the year 3100 BCE
An image created a a devotional offering to a god is called a votive figure
The systematic codification of his peoples rights, duties, and punishments for
wrongdoing was accomplished by king Hammurabi
The painted images of animals in prehistoric caves were generally not done
The Treasury of Atreus is a corbel dome
The palette of Narmer is a work made by the ancient Egyptian
Stonehenge uses post and lintel construction
Hieroglyphics is the name of the ancient Egyptian writing system
The stele of Hammurabi is a law code