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Sasha Sproge

Professional Growth Plan

SED 322
The main goal for my first year of teaching Spanish with my students will be for them to
have fun learning the rich language of Spanish. In doing so, I plan to improve my ability to
engage students in their learning by researching and implementing strategies for engaging
students in active learning. Among the ways I plan to have my students actively learn will
include: cultural research and presentations, Spanish speaking pen pal letters, total physical
response activities, charades, and other learning games. I will also implement successful
formative assessment practices in my classroom that I have learned throughout my studies at
Arizona State University and student teaching. Among these formative assessments include:
kinesthetic assessments, constructive quizzes, exit slips, think pair shares, and graphic
Another goal for my first year of teaching would be to create relationships with my
colleagues, staff members, administration, students, and parents. Knowing that I have support
and someone at my school to go to will make my job easier. I also plan to be more involved in
my schools community, events, and functions. I will attend our schools sporting events,
volunteer, chaperon, and participate in school fundraising. I will promote ideas for cultural
Hispanic events and trips to Spain to promote my subject area at my school. I hope to receive
support from my colleagues and administrators as well as gain knowledge of my schools
policies, procedures, and guidelines for future endeavors.
In five years, I plan to complete graduate school and receive a Masters degree in
teaching and learning. I plan to create a Spanish/Portuguese club at my school where students
would learn about Hispanic and Latin cultures, participate in cultural activities in their
communities, and have fun making connections with others! I will also teach higher levels of

Spanish including an AP class in which 95% of my students passed the AP exam. Furthermore, I
plan to organize fundraisers and other ways for my students and others learning Spanish to travel
abroad with me and other Spanish teachers to Spain. Hispanic festivals like El da de los Nios
and other cultural events are ways I plan to build community and cultural awareness.
I plan to be a lifelong learner of Spanish and other foreign languages. I plan to master my
subject area by gaining a Doctorates degree in Spanish, teaching abroad in countries like Spain
or Brazil, participating in professional organizations, and attending conferences. Among the
professional organizations and conferences to which I plan to participate in include: American
Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, American Association of Teachers of Spanish
and Portuguese, Arizona Language Association, Southwest Conference of Language Teachers,
Association of Departments of Foreign Languages, and Teachers of English to Speakers of Other
Languages. Not only will I be a member of these organizations, but I will be a guest presenter at
these conferences!