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A simple investigation into love.

As I sat on the train, which was just departing from Carammar station and
onward towards Farfield (and to Redfern), listening to my favourite song. I
pondered into the question. Why do people desire love? Isn't it just a simple
emotion, couldn't one just make do without love? And as I pondered such
questions, I thought of the philosohpical implications of my thoughts. Is love
part of human nature? Or is it a evolutionary necessity? I thought also onto
the definition of love in order to solve the problem. I researched endlessly
and thought endlessly on this question which seemed to be completely
unsolvable yet a very easy question. "What is Love, and why do people desire
it even at such a high cost?" That was in 2007.
From a utilitarian perspective, making love into a commidity. It would seem
the amount of resources, energy, emotional distress required to just achieve
that simple emotion seems to heavily outweigh it's gain. But then again, I'm
getting ahead of myself here. I'm not saying what type of love i'm talking
about. According to my current knowledge, I can seperate love into two large
caterogories. One catergory is familial love, or love for your friends. And the
other would be love you would exhibit towards your partner, which could be
further divided into smaller and smaller sub-catergories. According to
theguardian survey, where they compared the happiness that Gamblers feel
when they win money to that a person who hears the words "I love you" for
the first time. And quantified that love is worth $298,432.82 AUD converted
from 163,424 British Pounds. This statistic raises an interesting question,
which is that would a person realistically, although unlikely, trade their
partner's love for 300,000 AUD? I think in most, 99.99%, of situations, a
person wouldn't even do that. Maybe I'm just naive. Well though the study
wasn't directly comparing the price a person would set a value for love and
merely a rough guess onto a seemingly unquantifiable concept; Love.