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Bevande (Drinks)

Soft Drinks
Flavored Lemonade or Iced Tea
(Kiwi, Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, and Pineapple)
(Strawberry Banana, Pineapple mango, and blueberry kiwi))

Lati (Sides)
Indivia Ripiena

Carciofi Ripieni

Frit Riz

Stuffed endive

Stuffed artichokes

Fried rice

Fagiolini e Cipolle

Patata Dolce

Riz Dore

Green beans and onions

Sweet potato

Browned rice

Zucchine Fritte Con Cipolla e Uova

Brocoli et Nouilles Chinoises

Fried zucchini with onion and eggs

Chinese noodles and broccoli

Dolci (Desserts)
Plum Good Coffee Cake $3.99
Ny Style Cheesecake $4.49
Turnovers $3.49
Kit Kat Candy Mousse Cake $4.49
Apple Walnut Cobbler $4.99
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie $4.49
Apple Pie $3.99
Peach Blueberry Pie $3.99
Cinnamon Rolls $3.49

Biscotti (Cookies)
Butterballs $1.50
Clothespin Cookies $1.50
Caramel Tassies $1.50
Sugar Twists $1.50
Uandi $1.50
Pizzelles $1.50
Biscotti $1.50

All desserts and cookies are available at our Biscotti Buffet for $9.99

Piati Principali (Main Dishes)

Peperronata di Pollo
Tender chicken in a rich paprika cream sauce
served over a bed of farfalle pasta $10.99
Pollo Marsala
Tender breast of chicken sauted in a marsala
wine sauce with portabella mushrooms served
over a bed of angel hair pasta. $13.49
Piccata di Vitello
Succulent medallions of veal sauted in a white
wine sauce and served over quinoa $9.99
Peperoni Ripieni

Pasta e Salsa (Pasta & Sauce)

Cavatelli aux Boulettes de Viande

Sweet red bell peppers overflowing with a

Hearty cavatelli dumplings served with our
hearty blend of Angus ground beef, brown rice, homemade marinara sauce, rich Romano cheese,
and seasonings in a sweet tomato sauce served and famous meatballs $8.99
with our homemade mashed potatoes $14.49
Homemade pasta pockets stuffed with a blend of
Tenderized beef steak rolled and filled with
ricotta and Romano cheeses smothered in our
sweet bell peppers, boiled egg, and caramelized famous tomato sauce served with meatballs $8.49
onion braised in a rich tomato sauce $10.79

Homemade rolled crepes filled with a blend of
ricotta and Romano cheeses baked in a ground beef
tomato sauce covered with mozzarella $9.49

A Dash of Italy

Antipasti e Insalate


(Appetizers & Salads)

Fliori di zucchini Fritti
Fried zucchini flowers served with cilantro $4.00
Egg rolls served with our homemade sauce $3.50
Insalata Caesar
Freshly cut iceberg lettuce mixed with onion, red pepper, and
shredded carrot. Topped with parmesan cheese and Caesar
dressing. $4.00
Insalata Verde Mista
Mixed green combined with cucumber, carrots, onions and
tomato. Topped with our original Italian Vinaigrette. $4.00

Zuppa (Soup)
What we like to call Italian Wedding Soup. Homemade meatballs, smoked
ham, and pork with spinach and parsley. Our most famous soup! $5.00
Baccala Stew
Delicious Baccala served with simmered onions and potatoes in our
homemade broth. $4.00
Zuppa di Pollo Con Crostini di Uovo
Homemade egg croutons in our delicious chicken stock with diced veggies
of your choice. We take chicken soup to another level with this classic. $4.50
Zuppa di Broccoli Paese
The best broccoli cheese soup youll ever taste. Enough said. $4.00