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Name: Ashley Mustaki


Lesson Title & Subject(s): Reader's Theater Davy Crockett

Topic or Unit of Study: English Reading Reader's Theater
Grade/Level: 3



Instructional Setting:
(e.g., group size, learning context, location [classroom, field trip to zoo, etc.], seating arrangement, bulletin
board displays)

The instruction will take place in a third grade classroom. There are 21 students in the
classroom. There are four reading groups based on reading level. For this reader's theater
lesson, two of the reading groups will be combined (the two lower and the two higher) so
that each student can have a part.

Your State Core Curriculum/Student Achievement Standard(s):

To view standards: Go to TaskStream Standards Manager under Programs & Resources. Then go to
Browse Standards (Standards Wizard). Select your state. Select standard(s).

3.5 The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of fictional text and poetry.
d) compare and contrast settings, characters and events.
e) identify the author's purpose
m) Read with fluency and accuracy.
Lesson Goals:
(A statement describing the overall purpose of the lesson; what the students are expected to know or
at the end of the lesson)


At the end of the lesson, the student will understand how to read with fluency and
Lesson Objective(s):
(Your objective(s) should align with the knowledge and skills taught as well as with the assessment chosen
for this task. All learning objectives must include a Specific Behavior, Condition, and Measurable

After the unit on fluency and prosody, the student will be able to read with fluency and
prosody. The student will be expected to score 80% on a rubric.

Instructional Materials:
Materials needed for the lesson (e.g., textbook, construction paper, scissors, PowerPoint, guided note

-Copies of the book How Davy Crockett Moved the Sun for each student
-Teacher's guide
-White board and whiteboard markers
-Copies of rubric for students
Supplementary information and/or places where you found information for the lesson

Sequence of Instructional Procedures/Activities/Events (provide description and
indicate approximate time for each):
1. Identification of Student Prerequisite Skills Needed for Lesson:
(e.g., anticipatory set, schema, purpose of lesson for students, connections to previous learning,
definitions of terms reviewed)

Time: 5 minutes
Review from yesterday's lesson:
-Elements of a tall tale
-What is an idiom? Examples on page 4
-Vocabulary words (britches, legend, varmint)
Purpose of lesson:
Students will be told that we will be learning more about the script and will practice
reading. The rubric will be introduced. After reading, we will answer some questions
about the book.
2. Presentation of New Information or Modeling:
(e.g., term definitions, concepts, processes and/or approaches)

Time: 5 minutes
The students will be told that there are parts of a script that are written in a different
font in order to cue the actor to read it a certain way.
For each of the words below, the students will be asked to identify how they think
that the text should be read and what the different font/face means.

-bold words (p. 12, 15, 16) for emphasis on the word
-hyphenated words (p. 5) for stuttering
-parentheses (p. 6, 7, 13) for cueing
-sound (p. 14) sound for gunshot
3. Guided Practice:
(e.g., teacher directed, scaffolding, check for student understanding including any questions to ask
or anticipate from students)

Time: 12 minutes
Students will do a practice read of the script. Teacher will have the students echo
read and model how to read with fluency and prosody.

4. Independent Student Practice:

(e.g., teacher monitored, check for student understanding including any questions to ask or
anticipate from students)

Time: 10 minutes
Students will answer questions posed by the teacher as a group.
Comprehension questions:
-What things make this story a tall tale?
-What are some examples of exaggerated details? Prove it in the text!
-What varmints does Davy talk to?
-What is Raccoon's plan? What does this tell you about Raccoon?
-What does it mean to be a legend in your own time? What other people do you
know that are a legend?
-How do the characters work with Davy to free the sun?
Have the students to work with the teacher to complete a triple Venn of Bear,
Raccoon and Squirrel.
5. Culminating or Closing Procedure/Activity/Event:
(e.g., review terms, concepts, and/or learning process; establish connections to the next lesson;
check for student understanding including any questions to ask or anticipate from students)

Time: 1 minutes
-Students will be thanked for their hard work and complimented on their spectacular
Pedagogical Strategy (or Strategies):
(e.g., direct instruction, cooperative learning groups, partner work)

Lesson is cooperative between the teacher and the students

Differentiated Instruction:
Describe accommodations for such groups as English Language Learners, hearing impaired, learning
disabled, physically disabled, and/or gifted/accelerated learners.

The student who is ESL will have assistance with vocabulary as needed.
The students with ADD and ADHD will be given re-direction when needed.
The students who are several reading levels below grade level will be given extra time to
silently read their script.
The parts on the script are leveled and students will be placed with a part that they are
able to read.
Student Assessment/Rubrics:
Describe how you will know if students have met the objective(s) for this lesson (include pre- and postassessment plansformal and/or informal, summative and/or formative, etc.).

Informal assessments Observation during oral reading

Questioning for comprehension