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Date: 22 October 2008


1. The complete design of water treatment system shall be based on section 4 of
AAMI RD62: 2006
2. Testing of the entire water treatment system shall be based on section 5 of AAMI
RD62: 2006. Contractor to generate Performance Guarantee and Acceptance
testing Procedure documents based on section 4 and section 5 of this standard.
3. Contractor to provide a detailed document on Ongoing monitoring and
maintenance of the system for the use of hospital to maintain the system and
ensure assured water quality all the time.
4. Contractor to provide following documents for engineering review as minimum:
a. Detailed Process and Instrumentation drawing
b. Detailed equipment layout drawing
c. Detailed piping layout drawing
d. Separate equipment list, pipe line list, valves list and instruments list with
the unique tag number for all the items.
e. Technical specifications and data sheets of each and every item supplied in
the system
f. General arrangement drawing / shop drawing of each and every item in the
g. Process functional description
h. Detailed drawings, specifications, data sheets, system write-up etc for hot
water disinfection system.
i. Performance guarantee and Acceptance testing procedure
j. Document on ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the system
k. Electrical & instrumentation, civil & structural drawings, specifications,
data sheets etc
1. Each document / drawing should have a document/drawing number, revision
number, release date and page numbers
2. Each section of the document shall be numbered in a systematic manner to enable
us refer to the specific point for any comments / discussions