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WRT Zone Question 5

I think that for me, doing my pre-student teaching alongside the hours in the
tutoring center reinforced my understanding and practices. I was able to observe
techniques in the WRT Zone and then apply them immediately to the students I saw
almost every day. I treated the tutoring hours required for this course as professional
development hours, but that is not to say that I did not learn just as much in the WRT
Zone as I did in my classroom.
As we went through genre theory in class and had class
discussions, I thought a lot about my own writing process. The articles
and books we read made me reevaluate what parts of the process are
more important, and I have actually changed how I write. The articles
we read on the pedagogical approaches in tutoring are immediately
applicable to a classroom, and that helped me while aid the students
at Stout. By learning about the different tutoring pedagogies also
helped me to have a more solid base to analyze curriculum in the
On the topic of genre theory, the time spent in the WRT Zone
showed an almost immediate application of things we learned in class.
On any given day of tutoring, I could see multiple genres of writing,
and some I might not be familiar with. From class lectures and
discussions, I have a better understanding of how genres work in
different content areas, and how to evaluate the genre and better
assist the students.
In developing my lesson concept for Project Three, I had to call
on all the knowledge I obtained from this class. In developing the unit, I
used the social, historical, and cultural nature of the genre hero
mythology. These concepts come directly out of genre theory, and their
applications in the classroom create a sense that content areas are
interconnected. By combining my experiences in the WRT Zone and my
Pre-Student Teaching experience, I had a firm grasp of what I wanted to
do with the students. With the student body I would be teaching in
mind, it was a simple task to write the curriculum and assessments
that I feel are appropriate for the gar group and in line with the
Common Core State Standards. Without the WRT Zone and the
mentorship of Mr. Hool, my mentor teacher at Stout, This assignment
would have seem like an insurmountable task.