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Kelly Fitzgerald

Reflective cover letter
Carol Sieverts
Reflective Cover Letter
Let me properly begin by thanking you for taking the time to review my ePortfolio. I am
thankful for the opportunity to attend Salt Lake Community College and further my education as
well as experiences inside and out of the classroom.
The following is a representation of my experiences of English 1010 and how it has
helped me improve my writing skills. This class has allowed me to grow in many ways, some of
which are: appropriate style, capitalizing on peer feedback, as well as a clear understanding of
audience analysis.
English 1010 have given me the opportunity to write a verity of generates that I otherwise
would not have been able to. These genres and assignments include:

Reflective Narrative: during this assignment I was pushed to clearly develop a thesis, use

sensory description to clearly allow the reader to visualize the writing.

Summarization: summarization allowed for me to clearly identify the most important

aspects of writing.
Annotated bibliography: develop effective research strategies and judge the quality of

Rhetorical analysis: allows me to develop the quality of an effective paper and evaluate
the quality of the document.

Strong response: Using sound evidence to clearly support a position.

Even though each of these activities taught me skills to use independently, the group aspect
really taught me to work as a partnership evenly and effectively. It was really nice to have a
partner that can be counted upon and produce quality work. Usually I prefer to do independent
work to avoid uneven distribution of work; however the partnership was a great learning not only
how to work with others but problem solving and effective use of time and communication.
The skills that I was taught can aid me in my goal of completing college. I have already used
many of these skills in such classes like Comm. 1010. Writing papers for business is different
(APA instead of MLA writing styles) the skills are still the same. The biggest benefit have gotten
out of this assignment is to effectively evaluate my sources of information.
I truly appreciate the opportunity to grow and hone my writing skills something that I know I
will be using my entire life. It was surprising to think of how many classes and careers require
the use of writing. Truck drivers to computer analysis use writing to not only communicate with
loved ones but government entities. Taking time to understand these relationships allowed me to
make connections to the other general education courses.