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Lesson Plan #2

Name: Kelsi Trest

Date: 5/13/14
Title of the lesson:

Native American Instruments and Music

I. Preliminary Planning- The YouTube videos needed for the examples should be pulled up from the
PowerPoint. The materials needed for the craft should be organized and easily accessible.
Objective(s) of the lesson:

-To listen to the different sounds and instruments used in Native

American Music
-To make rain sticks

Theme/Essential Question:

How do preserve something that is always changing?

MDE GLCE /Common Core

Standards best served:

K G5.0.1 Describe ways people use the environment to

meet human needs and wants (e.g., food, shelter, clothing).

1 G4.0.1 Use components of culture (e.g., foods,

language, religion, traditions) to describe diversity in
family life.

Focus question:

What makes Native American music sound like it does?

Key vocabulary/concepts:

-Rain stick: a percussion instrument made from a dried cactus

branch that is hollowed out, filled with small pebbles, and capped
at both ends. When slightly tilted, it makes the sound of falling

Time required:

1 Hour

Materials needed:

-Toilet paper rolls

-Masking tape
-Pipe Cleaners

II. The Lesson Itself* -


Lesson launch (aka Do Now aka

The Hook or activating prior

Who knows what instruments Native Americans use?

How the lessons objective(s) will

be shared with the students:

We are going to make a very well-known instrument used my

Native Americans.

Learning activities (step-by-step):

-Students will be asked questions reviewing their knowledge

gained from the previous lesson.
-A YouTube video will be shown of a rain stick
-The students will use their toilet paper rolls by decoration the
outside. The teacher will them come around and tape off one end.
A pipe cleaner will be bent and inserted in the roll. Beads will be
added before the roll is finally closed off.
-While the students are working a presentation will be given n
other common Native American instruments.
-After this the students will learn how to use their rain sticks.

These should be complete enough

that a good substitute could study
them and teach this class.

Checking for understanding:

(formative assessment)

How well they perform that task of making the rain stick and
understand different aspects of the Native American culture that
use music will determine their level of learning

Guided practice/extension:


At the end of the lesson, how will

what was learned be summarized
for the class?

The Native Americans used music for many things like

ceremonies, stories, and hanging out with friends.

Post-lesson reflections and ideas

for next steps:

The project went well. Next time try to simplify the instructions
slightly in order to prevent confusion.