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Riana Splinter
English 1010
Professor McBeth- Smith
April 7, 2015
Whats wrong with Having Heros?
For as long as I can remember Ive always wanted to be a Police Officer in Las Vegas. I
would watch Cops with my grandpa every night before I went to bed, I remember watching them
protect people from doing harm to others, the way they put their life out on the line to protect
people was amazing to me. Then something happened, my family started becoming Police
Officers, my mom, dad, stepdad, stepmom, and uncle are all Officers in Las Vegas. I didnt have
to watch the TV show anymore I actually lived with real life Cops! I would get so excited to
hear the stories that they had to tell about helping someone out. Now, they didnt tell a little girl
about all the bad things that they had to stop people from doing. Or how they were treated by
people when theyre only doing their job. My parents hated the fact that I said I wanted to
become a cop, and ever since I was five years old, when I fell in love with something, they have
been trying to make me change my mind. They know what its like putting their life on the line,
and they also know what its like to feel hated and treated like crap every day because people are
treating cops horrible. With everything thats going on with cops I now understand why my
parents were trying to destroy my dream as a little girl.
Its sad when your parents try and destroy your dreams almost every day because they dont
want you to be treated the way they are treated. But in my honest opinion I believe Police
Officers are heroes. They put their life on the line every day to protect people and thats why I

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want to become one. I want to protect not only my family, but others from all the bad thats out
Theres a lot of stuff going on with police officers, people just dont have the same respect for
them. Theyre the first ones that get blamed when something bad happens, but yet they are also
the first ones that people call when something bad is happening. Imagine what would happen if
Police Officers just said No we dont want to go and help you imagine what the world would
be like if that were to happen. I can tell you what would happen, it would be absolutely chaotic.
I want to talk about a few things that I believe will help Police Officers from being targeted as
the bad guys
5 Countries Where Police Officers Do Not Carry Firearms and It Works Well."
Washington Post. The Washington Post, n.d. Web. 19 Apr. 2015.
There are five Countries that they dont allow Police Officers to carry guns,
unless its a certain circumstance. The five Countries are Britain, Ireland,
Norway, Iceland, and New Zealand. The strange thing is that it actually
works for them. The officers arent even allowed to carry weapons while on
patrol. The practice is rooted in tradition and the belief that arming the
police with guns engenders more gun violence than it prevents said Oddsson
Guomundur (assistant professor of sociology at Northern Michigan
In Iceland the first time the cops actually shot and killed someone was in
2013 that was the first time in the countrys history! Even though one third
of the countrys population is armed with riffles and shotguns they havent
acted against the police in any way. Can it be that Iceland is more peaceful

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than us? Oddsson said Icelands low crime rates are rooted in the countrys
small, homogenous, egalitarian and tightly knit society.
Richard Wright, a criminology professor at Georgia State University said
Once, during a presentation, an Icelandic police officer kept referring to
poor people with problems and it took me awhile before I realized that she
was talking about offenders. She considered every citizen precious because
we are so few and there is so much to do, she said.
In Ireland only 20% to 25% of officers even know how to use a gun, they
dont even train them to shoot. But even in Ireland the crime rate is much
lower than in the US.
In Britain 82% of their officers dont want to be armed. Greater
Manchester Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy said Sadly we know from the
experience in America and other countries that having armed officers
certainly, does not mean, sadly, that police officers do not end up getting
shot. The officers in the UK think of themselves as guardians of the citizens.
They want to be easy to approach and not to fear them.
A lot of experts agree that it would be counterproductive to disarm police
officers in the US. Oddsson states Any attempt to roll back the militarization
of the American police would need to be accompanied by policies that
increase economic and racial equality and legitimate opportunity for
advanced for the poor.
Imagine if we didnt have armed police officers, its sad to think about it
this way, but if we didnt then cops would be targeted left and right. They
would be an easy target to kill now, whats stopping them from getting killed,

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is the fear that they will shoot back. Its extremely sad that these foreign
countries have lower crime rates then the U.S.
Ryllie Danylko, Northeast Ohio Media Group. "Shooting to Kill: Why Police Are
Trained to Fire Fatal Shots." N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Apr. 2015.
This article is talking about how come police officers dont shoot an arm or
leg, why do they have to aim for the main organs and kill someone. There
was a case where a 12 year old boy pointed a BB gun at a police officer and
the officer shoot the kid, and unfortunately he passed away. That of course
caused an uproar that the cop was in the wrong.
Geoffrey Alpert is a professor at University of South Carolina and he
researches high-risk police activity. He said that Killing isnt the objective,
the objective is to remove the threat. The way you do that is by aiming for
the largest part of the body, the torso. If you aim for limbs you have a higher
chance of missing (and injuring someone else) and that might not stop the
person coming after them. Youre shooting at something thats moving and
turning, and people dont make themselves an easy target. Those that
advocate shooting a gun out of a hand like you see in Roy Rogers movies
thats just not a plausible scenario said Aveni.
Hubert Williams is a 30-year veteran officer and former president of the
Police Foundation. He says that An officer wouldnt be justified in shooting
unless there is a threat to his life. If there is a threat to his life, he has to take
counter measures against that threat. So hes going to shoot not to stop him
hes going to shoot for that kill zone. All of that means that if the officer
feels that this is life threating to him or to others, he can shoot that person.

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Its not like Police Officers want to shot someone, they dont want to take
someones life. Its a matter of life and death. If a cops life is being
threatened then he/she is going to do anything to stop that threat. Thats
what they are taught to do, and shooting center mass is the way to stop that
Sanghoee, Sanjay. "Why We Should Respect Law Enforcement." The Huffington Post., n.d. Web. 19 Apr. 2015.
I really liked this article out of all of them that I looked at. This article is
blaming both police officers and citizens. Sanjay believes that in order to
have a sane society that can function is to follow the laws that we created. If
we dont follow the laws thats when we have constant friction and violence.
He believes that we are creating anarchy, which I honestly believe is
happening. All the fighting going on is between the law and the citizens.
Hes saying that people are targeting cops and provoking them to lash out
and use excessive force when thats not what be happening. Civilians need
to gain more respect for the law enforcement because its not like they
want to do that. Its their job, if they didnt do it, who will?
He also states that not all cops are bad cops, yeah there are bad ones, but
that doesnt give anyone the right to do harm to officers. He also said that All
lives matter, all issues are as real as others, wither its police abuse or the
abuse of police. You have to think about families from both sides. Someones
always going to get hurt at the end.
He wants all the fighting to end, to have thoughtfulness, respect, and
engage in dialogue on both sides. Hes not pointing out either party, hes

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pointing out both parties and saying that both sides are in the wrong that
everyone needs to stop all of the hatred.
"Should Police Wear Body Cameras? Here Are the Pros and Cons." Kicker Should
Police Wear Body Cameras Here Are the Pros and Cons Comments. N.p., 02 Dec.
2014. Web. 19 Apr. 2015.
Im using this article mainly for the cons, I used another article for the pros
already. This one has a bunch of cons that are really interesting to use, and
to think about. A con that can be said is that it can be an invasion of
someones privacy. Which I dont believe should be a problem, if youre doing
something wrong I believe that you no longer have privacy. You lost that
privilege when you decided to break the law.
Another problem is that they dont know if police will actually obey the
policies using body cameras. They are saying that they need to tell the
person that the camera is on so they know, and they dont know if the officer
will not obey and never tell the individual when its on. Or they can lie and
tell them its not recording when it really is. They also are saying that the
officer can shut it off whenever something may not be going in the cops
Either way there will always be pros and cons to everything in this world. I
believe that all police officers should have to have a camera on them and in
their vehicle. That way when something goes wrong they have that evidence
to go back and see who was at fault. With everything thats going on with
cops being blamed its because no one had proof. Everything could have
been avoided if they had a camera.

Splinter 7
"What Happens When Police Officers Wear Body Cameras." WSJ. N.p., n.d. Web. 19
Apr. 2015.

In this article it talks about how the camera would help out the police officers in so
many different ways. For example what would happen if the officer were to get into a
shooting, they would be able to figure out exactly what happened from that recording? In
Rialto California they were given the body cameras are literally no bigger than pagers, by
them wearing the cameras and the citizens knew they are wearing them the use of force
by officers declined by 60% and complaints against Police Officers declined by 88%.
The one problem of course with the cameras is the cost the two companies that
provide the cameras is Vievu LLC and Taser International Inc., they did lower the price
between $300- $400. But the main cost would be the storage of how much data one
camera can hold.

Michael Whit, a professor at Arizona State University says that Taser guns went from
introduction use by more than two thirds of Americas 18,000 police departments in about
a decade, it could be as little as 10 years until we see most police wearing these. He also
stated that There is a presumption that citizens will be happy with this because it seems
to provide more transparency and accountability, but that might not be the case,
especially in areas where there are long-term tensions between police and their
communities. What he means by that is, the people who dont like cops and do all the
crime, now cant get away with just blaming it on cops, because now they will have
evidence of what really went on.

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Being a police officer is a very tough job, this is the most hated job, and thats because if
someones breaking the law then they get in trouble by the cops. But without them, the nation
would go downhill. If they didnt do their job for one day, and everyone was calling 911 and the
operator said Im sorry, but no one is going to help you just imagine what would happen.
People would go crazy, everyone loves cops when theyre helping you if youre getting beaten
on by your boyfriend, or you just got robbed, or someones in your house. They are the first
people you call for help, yet everyone hates them.
I still want to become a police officer, even with everything going on. Its been my dream to
help and protect people. I know that there are bad police officers who abuse their power. But
thats only a few. I want to help someone from getting beaten on, or they just got robbed, or stop
someone from entering their house. If we didnt have people want to become police officers then
everything would be chaotic.
I just want to help people, help them from all the bad out there, and start to mend the bond
between police officers and civilians. This isnt something that will get fixed in one night, this is
something that will probably take decades to fix. But you have to start somewhere, so why not
start tomorrow? Everyone can fix the way people treat cops, its not just criminals who treat
them bad, everybody does. Just know that they dont like being rude, if youre nice to them, they
will be nice to you!