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Standards/Quality Indicators/Skills

Missouri and national standards, quality indicators, and skills addressed by

this lesson
Standard(s): RL.5.3: Compare and contrast two or more characters,
settings, or events in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the
text (e.g., how characters interact).
Learning Objectives/Goals
The lessons objectives and learning outcomes appropriate for meeting
curricular and student needs
Goal for students

Students will compare and contrast the difference between Where

the Red Fern Grows read the book and view the movie
Assessment (type[s] of assessment used throughout the lesson)
Assessment(s) before, during and after the lesson
We will have a discussion about:
The movie vs. book
Which was better
Why they thought it was better
Other details

Later we will take what both the movie and the book has in common and
draw one picture
Lesson Structure and Procedures
Sequence of events of the lesson elements. (The before, during and after
the lesson, e.g., Engagement/Opening, Procedures, Guided Practice,

Anticipatory Set (Gets juices flowing)

Play movie trailer of Where the Red Fern Grows

Ask questions

Show how to compare and contrast

Ex: Cat vs. Dog



Guided Practice

Worksheet with Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the

movie and book


Ask about what the students favorite part of the book or movie

Instructional Strategies
Teacher approach to helping students achieve the learning objectives and
meet their needs
We will show how to compare and contrast
Ex: Cat vs. Dog
Help read aloud with the students the book
Discuss what happened in the book and movie
How are they the same or different
Ask for opinions or ideas
Learning Activities
Opportunities provided for students to develop knowledge and skills of the
learning objectives
Worksheet with Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the movie and
Resources and Materials
List of materials used in the planning of and during the instruction of the

Paper, book, pencil, movie, worksheet
Instructional and/or assistive technology incorporated into the lesson to
enhance instruction and student learning
Using the promethean board to have the students do compare and
Differentiated/Accommodations/Modifications/Increase in Rigor
To help meet the needs of all learners, learning differences, cultural and
language differences, etc.
Using colors to help compare and contrast.
Bringing in two different objects and having the children see what is the
same and what is different.
Having students come up and write on the board

Classroom Management
Strategies consistent with the learning needs of the lesson that also meet
student behavior needs to help keep students on task and actively
Having students sit in their seats and raise their hand to come up to the
board and talk about the movie and the book.
The teacher will walk around the room to make sure the students are
sitting quietly and working on their Venn diagram. Also, to help them with
their Venn diagrams if needed.
Activities for early finishers that extend students understanding of and
thinking about the learning objectives by applying their new knowledge in
a different way
Have the student compare and contrast something else/ another scene
from the movie and book

Follow-up to Todays Lesson

Quick activity for review or building on todays learning that will deepen
student understanding and interconnect concepts (may be incorporated
tomorrow or throughout the unit)

Take what both the movie and the book has in common and draw one
Additional Information
Any area or lesson component that may not have been covered by this
format that you think is vital to include in this lesson