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SWOT Analysis of Female participation in Professional

Every profession and Study comprises of several Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats
of the respective matter. There are some relative factors that influence the women participation in
the accounting profession.

With the advancement of female education, there is a significant zone of women
empowerment in the educational and corporate sector.
Accounting being a global learning subject there is strong market connection with the
Corporate governance has availed the female workers to go for the professional
degree to enhance the efficiency doing things.

There had been a rush in the profession Chartered Accountancy, Therefore, articled
students often have to go for audit in different parts of the country. Females often find
it hazard some to go on these official visits.
Pay scales often dishearten the female professionals to involve in the profession since
they are less paid compared to man.
Often outlook of the society is not positive enough towards the working of the

Women are given several scholarships by the governments which promote further
study on professional accountancy.
Efficiency and Ethics being the motto of the profession it is very beneficial for
the women to go for it.

Female auditors found it significantly more difficult to secure access to client
personnel, and to communicate with the clients. Also, female auditors identified

the working environment in clients premises as a major impediment in

successfully conducting an audit.
At present, women only account for 4.80 percent of the total number of chartered
accountants in Bangladesh, suggesting the existence of a gender gap.