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Arthur Dove

Born in 1880
Died in 1946
Interesting facts about this artist
• 1.He is born in wealthy family
• 2.He was chosen to illustrate Cornell University
• 3.His friend Alfred Henry Maurer committed
• 4.He experimented with techniques
• 5.He was a farmer and fisherman
• 6.after divorce he never go see his son
• 7.He have a heart attack in 1939
• 8.After paralyzed, he helped guide bush his friends
the Reds
• 9.His dad expected him to be wealthy
• 10.He quit his career as an illustrator to be come a
Arthur Dove,Sun,1943
Smithsonian American Art
Suzanne M.Smith
Me and the Moon 1937
Arthur Dove’s Art Picture’s
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