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Treaty of Versailles Presented to

German Delegation

MAY 7, 1919
The "War Guilt Clause"
of the Versailles Treaty
forces Germany to
accept responsibility for
initiating World War I.

Nazi Party Platform

FEBRUARY 24, 1920

Adolf Hitler presents a
25-point plan at a Nazi
Party meeting.

Adolf Hitler Becomes Leader of

the Reestablished Nazi Party

FEBRUARY 27, 1925

Recently released from prison after serving 9 months
for treason, Adolf Hitler declares the reformulation of
the Nazi Party (NSDAP) with himself as leader. He
makes the declaration at the Munich beer hall where
the aborted coup of 1923 began.

Hitler Campaign
JULY 22, 1932
Nazi supporters at a
campaign rally in
Waldenburg, Germany.
In a speech, Hitler
attacks the Weimar
Republic and pledges to
dissolve the
parliamentary system.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Elected

President of the United States

NOVEMBER 8, 1932
Roosevelt wins the
most votes in the
American presidential

Adolf Hitler Appointed


JANUARY 30, 1933

The Nazi Party assumes
control of the German

Anti-Jewish Boycott
APRIL 1, 1933
Members of the Nazi
Party and its affiliated
organizations organize
a nationwide boycott of
businesses in Germany.

Law Limits Jews in Public

APRIL 25, 1933
The Law against
Overcrowding in
Schools and
Universities limits the
number of Jewish
students in public

Central Organization of German

Jews Formed

SEPTEMBER 17, 1933

German Jewish organizations join together
to form the Reichsvertretung der deutschen

Death of German President von


AUGUST 2, 1934
Adolf Hitler becomes
President of Germany.

Hitler Abolishes the Office of

the President

AUGUST 19, 1934

Hitler becomes the
absolute dictator of

Olympic Games Open in Berlin

AUGUST 1, 1936
The Nazi dictatorship
camouflages its racist,
militaristic character
while hosting the
Summer Olympics.

German Annexation of
MARCH 11, 1938
On March 1113, 1938,
German troops invade
Austria and incorporate
Austria into the German
Reich in what is known
as the Anschluss.

Evian Conference
JULY 6, 1938
Delegates from 32
countries attend a
conference in Evian,
France, to discuss the
growing refugee crisis.

German Jews Passports

Declared Invalid
OCTOBER 5, 1938
The Reich Ministry of the
Interior invalidates all
German passports held
by Jews. Jews must
surrender their old
passports, which will
become valid only after
the letter J has been
stamped on them.

NOVEMBER 9, 1938
In a nationwide pogrom called Kristallnacht, members
of the Nazi Party and other Nazi formations burn
synagogues, loot Jewish homes and businesses, and
kill at least 91 Jews.

Reichstag Speech

JANUARY 30, 1939

Hitler declares that the outbreak of war would mean
the end of European Jewry.

German Invasion of
Germany invades
Poland, initiating World
War II in Europe.

Auschwitz Camp
MAY 20, 1940
SS authorities establish
the largest
concentration camp
complex of the Nazi

Explosion of the SS
NOVEMBER 25, 1940
The destruction of ship
carrying 1,800 Jewish

Deportations of German,
Austrian, and Czech Jews

OCTOBER 15, 1941

German authorities
begin deporting Jews
from central Europe to
ghettos in occupied
eastern territory.

Attack on Pearl Harbor

DECEMBER 7, 1941
Japan launches a
surprise attack on the
United States Pacific
fleet at Pearl Harbor,
Hawaii, severely
damaging the

United States Declares War on


DECEMBER 8, 1941
President Roosevelt asks the US Congress to declare
war on Japan following the surprise attack on Pearl

Killing Operations Begin at


DECEMBER 8, 1941
Chelmo was first
stationary facility where
poison gas was used for
mass murder.