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Boyd 1

Jayde Boyd
Professor Ditch
English 113B
May 8 2015

Where has the time gone?

During the time I have been in Professor Ditchs English 113B class, I must say, I have
learned way more than I expected to. This class has been very challenging in my eyes. I came
from a well off class where I was doing very well. I was averaging out grades like As and Bs
on most or perhaps maybe even all of my assignments. This 113B class however has thrown me
for a loop. I went from receiving high As and Bs to low Cs in the beginning of the semester.
One could imagine how shocking and upsetting this could be; however being upset and shocked
did encourage and challenge me to do better and try harder.
From this class Ive learned many new lessons, examples and exercises that will further
me in my writing journey. One thing that Ive definitely picked up is that even though this may
be my last English 113B class, there are still many other majors that require you to do things
such as writing a paper, analyzing and annotating. These are things that should never stray from
your education because they will always be useful. One thing in specific that I learned was the
term FANBOYS which Im sure you know stands for: for, and, nor, but, or, yet and so. These
acronyms are very important to any paper or essay small or big. I know it may not seem like
much but, it is one of the things along with many others that Ive learned and will take with me.
I am glad that I was able to go through this transformation in my English classes because
as challenging as they were; I will say that I have taken a lot from this class. Taking in

Boyd 2

information is one thing, but knowing how to apply the information that you learned is another.
That is one of the most important things that I will stress. Not only did I learn new information
but, I learned how to apply it to my assignments. For example learning new words is great but if
you dont know how or where to apply them in a conversation or on paper, it is not in your best
favor. I was given a lot of information, resources and tools to use and along with that came great
responsibility, being endowed to all those things; I was held to a higher extent. Even though it
was hard, I feel as if I rose to the occasion as well as I could and performed with my best ability.
In this semester I had two essay progressions that I received grades on. The first
progression was project space, where the instructions were to use a personal experience and
research to conduct an analysis of your identity as it is reflected in a particular culture or,
cultures with which you identify and share with certain others. I received a 75% on that essay I
was given a lot of feedback on my essay when it was given back, I made mistakes in areas such
as: formatting, syntax, sentence-structure, organization, responding to the assignment and thesis
work. In my final portfolio draft for project space you will see that I have improved on those
areas. My formatting is correct, my syntax and sentence-structure has improved. I have gotten
better at producing a thesis that my essay follows thoroughly. Lastly my responsiveness to the
assignment is more adequate.
In my second essay which was project text the directions were to read The Guernsey
Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Annie Barrows and Mary Ann Shaffer and focus on
issues addressed in the text, then pick a topic to explore in your argumentative essay. On this
essay I received a 77%. This grade was a step up from the last one; however there were of course
issues such as: the clarity of the argument and the responsiveness to the assignment. In my final

Boyd 3

project text essay I changed my thesis, which was my argument to make sure it better
accommodated my whole essay and this helped my essay better respond to the assignment.
I have made a lot of progression with these two major assignments and all of the
assignments in between to help prepare for these essays. With those essays I have read many
books that were out of the norm for me. I now know of different genres of books which is far
more than I knew before. This has opened my eyes to reading, but with these achievements, I
couldnt help but pay some of the credit to the class as well, due to the fact that my professor
made the environment so open and welcome to new ideas and mistakes if they were made. I
never felt as if I was being judged or couldnt speak my mind if it pertained to the assignment at
hand. I was welcomed to ask questions and participate in everything. It was truly a safe
environment to express your thoughts, concerns and anything else.
With our class came our SI leader Allie, she was a wonderful help along with professor
Ditch, she would go over what the class did not fully understand in the hour and fifteen minutes
of class. We were told to feel free to e-mail at any time if we needed further assistance with
anything or werent confident on what our issue was. To sum up my English 113B class
experience, it was a big journey filled with a lot of new information. I learned new subjects and
topics in English that I will take with me to the rest of my classes in my future at Cal State
Northridge. I also have learned personally how to take time management into my life and use the
time I have for appropriate assignments. I learned with great power comes great responsibility,
so not only have I learned how to manage my time but I feel as if I have even matured in this
journey as a student when it came to things that needed to get done, and this will help me in my
everyday personal life with everything I do. I am grateful to have picked a rather difficult class

Boyd 4

and do well in it. Im taking a whole lot away from this 2 semester experience and I have gained
a lot of knowledge from it. I believe this will help me in the rest of my endeavors in life.