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Focus: On the activities
This week you will pay close attention to the different
activities your MST uses during the day.
Objective :
For student teachers to gain an initial understanding
of how learners have a preferred learning style and
the importance of using a variety of teaching
methods/activities in the classroom.

Keep a record of the different activities that the students are involved in
during the day. Think about which learning style the activity is best
suited for.

Learning Activity
Topic (Lesson)

Reading a story
(A family at the forest )

The contents of the

Display the story for the kids .


Aural (listening
and speaking)


The teacher brought pictures relate to the story ,

to help them understand the events of the story .

The teacher told the story , to teach the student the sounds of the animals ,
and to attract their attention by
making different voices for the story characters .

The story was written in paper ,

the teacher red from it and some of the students
try to read by pronounce the letters of the word .

Ask the students to rebate what the teacher does ,like when the teacher act
how the family afraid and how the bear voice look like .


Reading a story
(A family at the forest )

Learning Activity
Topic (Lesson)

The contents of
the story


Learn the forest neture

They had walk behind the nursery .

They saw the trees , grass , sand and
stone .

While they have a walk they heard

the beard , tree and wind sounds .

Aural (listening
and speaking)



The story activities

The teacher gave the students

pictures ,and asked them to order the
story events .

Ask the student to imitate the bear

sounds .

And the teacher told them what is the

sound look like when they walk
through the grass .

They made a bear mask ,so they can

learn that bear is a brown and his
nose is black .

They walk through the sand , grass,

stones and the trees ,so they can feel
what is the different when the
caricatures walk through the
sand .grass and stones ,and acted like
the characters on the story .

The teacher brought tunnel tents for

the kids to show them how does the
family crawl inside the bear Cave .
And act like the bear while they are
wearing the bear mask .

Observe one child. Try and determine from the information you know
what this childs learning preference is.
In your observation, please write:
1. What the child seemed to enjoy doing most during the activities.
2. The parts of the activities that the child seemed to enjoy least.
3. What you think this childs learning preference is (justify your
answer with the information you learned in the VARK workshop).

In this TP I observed one child in my class called Aon , and I

tried to figure out what his preference . The kids were practice
on their role play . Firstly, the teacher said the instruction , but
Aon was listing to the teacher as the other did , but he doesn't
understand what he should do , because when the teacher ask
the kids to start their play he was the only one who doesn't do
well . However when the teacher act to show hem what he
should do he did great job . Then I started to observe what he
enjoy to do during the activities , and what he doesn't
enjoy .What I found was that he liked the part of the activities
where he can run , jump and dance . However he didn't enjoy l
the part of the activities when he should sit and listen . So I
think that Aon preference is kinaesthetic , because he liked to
move, touch and feel what he is learning about .This modality
refers to the perceptual preference related to the use of
experience and practice .

Please reflect on Learning Styles.
1. What is your learning style? (from the VARK survey). Please attach your
VARK results from the website.
2. What kinds of activities help you learn best?
3. What do you do that helps you learn when you are studying?
4. Why is it important to know your preferred learning style?
5. Why is it important for a teacher to know about learning styles?

There are many ways to get the information , and every one
has his way to get it . VARK are the acronym for Visual, Aural,
Read/write, and Kinaesthetic sensory modalities that are used
for learning information .I did the VARK survey and the result
was that I am kinaesthetic . I agree with that because I like the
activities that I let move ,touch and feel the objects when I
learn anything . Its also help me to understand the concepts
evidently . When I study I like to walk and use objects relate to
my study , like when I was at high school ,when I studied
chemistry , I use to made balls from papers , and pretend that
they are electrons and protons , so I can understand what
happen when electrons and protons come together or if one of
them are less than the other , in the end I usually had evident
view for the lesson . Its vital to know your learning style so you
can get the information quickly and simple , however if you
don't know your learning style you will lost ,because you will
feel that there are a lot of information around you but your
brain cant catch them . The teachers also should know about
the learning style ,so they use all of them to ensure that all the
students understand the lesson , and to help them use all their
sense like visual , hearing , touch and speak to get evident
information .