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The Boys In The


Dir. William Friedkin
Starring Kenneth Nelson;
Leonard Frey; Cliff Gorman;
Laurence Luckinbill; Frederick
Combs; Keith Prentice; Robert
la Tourneaux; Reuben
Greene; Peter White
Rating of 100% on Rotten


Matthew Warchus
Starring Bill Nighy; Imelda
Staunton; Dominic West; Paddy
Considine; Andrew Scott;
George MacKay; Joseph Gilgun;
Ben Schnetzer; Faye Marsay
Rating of 92% on Rotten

The Unicorn

Warriors: Making
History from Joan
of Arc to Dennis

Written by Leslie Feinberg

A look at the history of trans people
around the world
Nominated for the Lambda Literary
Award for Transgender
Average rating of 3.9 on
Featured in Sojourners list of
Feminist Books of the 20th Century

The Naked Civil


Written by Quentin Crisp

Developed into a film starring John
Hurt, 1975
Began as an interview in 1964, was
commissioned as a publication by
the Jonathan Cape publishing firm
Average rating of 4.1 stars on

The Unicorn

Article Research Section


The Unicorn
Of 102 releases from 7 major studios (including Sony,
Walt Disney and Paramount), only 17 included LBTQ+
Using the Vito Russo test, only 7 out of those 17 passed
Only two transgender characters in mainstream films in
2013, both were negative representations
1 in 3 gay pupils experience homophobic bullying
Queer youth are six times more likely to commit suicide
than heterosexual youths
59% of transgender youth have deliberately hurt
themselves, with 48% actually attempting suicide

Why They Is
An Important

yle Edit
Been used since 1400 (Chaucer, Canterbury Tales)
Language evolves
More familiar that other non-binary pronouns i.e. xe or
Language revival of the 15C practice of they as a
Inclusive of all genders/neutral pronoun
Moves away from the pre-20C trend of using he as a
neutral pronoun
Inclusive of any gender, important for trans people
Often very expensive, shows a need for wider publicity
and sales to decrease prices
Can often find suitable clothes at regular high street
shops i.e. H&M, Topman, Primark

Guest and Topic Research

Interviewee: Dollie Darling/Benji Dee

Research of topic: Drag/his life

Key Facts:
Drag has been around for centuries
Popular in Shakespearian roles as women werent allowed to act
Key figures in drag: Divine; RuPaul; Dame Edna Everage
Popularised on RuPauls Drag Race since 2009
Ball culture first showcased in Paris is Burning (ft. Pepper LaBeja; Willi
Ninja; Dorian Corey)

Potential areas of interest:

The Unicorn

Inspiration to do drag
Peoples reactions
Opinions on gender expression

Research of Guest
Born 1998
Primary inspirations: BenDeLaCreme,
Jinkx Monsoon
Drag name given to her by Bunnie
Lives in Dunfermline, Scotland

Interviewee: Mazz Image

Research of topic: Oxford Pride

Began May 3rd 2003 in Oxpens Field
First parade organised by Oxfords two gay pubs: The Castle Tavern and
The Jolly Farmers
March 2013: Received registered charity status
The Oxford Pride Parade first joined in with the Pride festival in 2008
Expanded further in 2009 with a 10 day art and culture event organised by
Oxford Pride

Potential areas of interest:

Organising the parade and festival
What the festival means to queer people

The Unicorn

Queer life in Oxford

Research of Guest
Festival Manager/Parade Officer for Oxford Pride
Professional photographer
Graduated with a Master of Art from the
College of Fine Art at the University of New
Documents parades and festivals all over the
especially LGBTQ+ ones
Provides creative services, coaching and
consultancy to individuals, companies and
event producers
Responsible for the 10 day art and culture
festival that links with Oxford Pride
Also helped introduce the street parade that
has been happening since 2008

Interviewee: Kitty Stryker

Research of topic: Queer Film Production/Trouble Films

Trouble Films was established in 2011 by Courtney Trouble
Serves as a wholesale distributor for other, similar companies i.e. James
Darling and Handbasket Productions.
Winner of various independent awards i.e. Studio of the Year 2013 at
the BBW FanFest Awards and Best DVD Director 2014 for Courtney
Trouble at the Trans Awards for Trans Grrrls.
Courtney Trouble set up in 2002, and is the oldest running
queer film site. Has since developed into
Mission Statement includes an All-Inclusive Casting Attitude, with all
genders/sexualities/appearances and disabled cast members included and

The Unicorn

a female and trans friendly perspective to all its productions
Potential areas of interest:
Beginning in film production
How they assembled their team

Research of Guest
Previously worked with TV campaigns for ABC and NBC
Began as a performer for Trouble Films
Has also worked in publishing: Cleis Press
Head of Social Media and PR for Trouble
Co-founder of Consent Culture, a blog
looking at boundaries and isms in the
queer community
Also writes for a blog called Purrversatility,
on queer culture and sexual expression

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The Unicorn

The Unicorn

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The Unicorn

Contact Details
Dollie Darling:

15 Mathieson Place


The Unicorn

KY11 4XL

Kitty Stryker:

Mazz Image:

Oxford Pride
41 Hermitage Road
07929 139961

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Question Plans
When did you first start doing drag?
The Unicorn

What inspired you?

Who are your favourite drag queens? Why?
How would you define drag?
What are peoples reactions when they find out you do drag?
Would you ever hope to perform in drag?
How did you get your name?
What would your response be to people who think that drag is inherently
When did you first start working for Oxford Pride? How did you get
How has it been?
Why do you think Pride is important?
Who would be your ideal line-up for the Pride festival?
Any further aspirations for the Pride festival and parade?
How do you go about organising the parade as that looks like a huge task?
When did you first start going to Oxford Pride?
When did you first start working at Trouble Films?
How has the experience been?
How has it affected you?
What was it like meeting such a large group of cool, like-minded people
and getting to work with them?
Who would be your ideal group of people to do a film with?
Why do you think such a diverse cast is important?
How did you guys come up with and put together Ban This Sick Filth!?

The Unicorn