2009 : Year 3 Cerdik : World of Knowledge : My Body TIME : 8.30 -9.30 a.m.

NO. OF PUPILS : 35 pupils

SPECIFICATION : 1.6.1 Listen to and enjoy simple song 2.1.1 Speak clearly by pronouncing words accurately. 3.5.1 Read and understand the meaning of word by guessing their meaning through the use of the contextual clues. 4.1.1 Match word to linear and non- linear representation. iii. word to picture( colour the picture) OBJECTIVE : By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to: Point the parts of the body ( psikomotor) Match/ list down the function of the parts of the body.( cognitive) Love the body. ( affective) PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE : Pupils had already know about several parts of the body Gabungjalin: …………seni, muzik, bahasa, sains, maths? MORAL VALUE : Cleanliness TEACHING AIDS : Textbook, CD, Picture cards, Worksheets RESOURCES Time / Stage Set Induction (5Min) : Content Let’s sing a song. Title … Activities 1. Student centered concepts. 70% std from beg.. till d end.. Statemen shows d subject integrate/ collaborate with other decipline + senses functions.. Remarks Strategy/method Teaching aids Moral values

Teacher display the lyric from the LCD using power point. 2. Teacher sing the song first and pupils listen carefully. After that, teacher asks the pupils to sing the song together. Step 1 (5 min) Step 2 (10 min) Practice and consolidation. Matching 1. Teacher shows the picture cards on parts of the body. 2. Teacher asks pupils to match the pictures with the correct words. 3. Teacher guide the pupils. Introduction …………… Strategy/method Teaching aids Moral values Strategy/method Teaching aids Moral values

Step 3 (15 min)

Practice and consolidation worksheet

1. Teacher distributes the worksheets to the pupils. 2. Teacher asks the pupils to complete it. 3. Teacher guides the pupils.

Strategy/method Teaching aids Moral values

Climack (7 min) Closure (7 min)



Strategy/method Teaching aids Moral values Strategy/method Teaching aids Moral values

Moral values

1. Teacher tells to the pupils about the important of taking care of their body. 2. Teacher tells them that they should greatful to what Allah/god gave them.

Refleksi…. Lapiran…. Segala bentuk bahan bantu.. carta, kad dsbnya.. n hyperlinks with all d stages n phase…. “hyperlinks”

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