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PCELT Lesson Plan Form

Sahar Alhaw
Date: 9th of April 2015
Length of lesson: 40
Level: intermediate
Teaching action points
(Copy the action points from your last practice teaching session & say how you
will achieve it)
1. Be more self-confident. (prepare myself for the lesson practice)
2. ICQs (ask Qs after giving instructions)
What are you teaching?
Language points (List the specific vocabulary; grammar points form meaning
and use; pronunciation point; specific phrases; cultural point you will teach)
Vocabs: affect- expert-recover-schedule-combining
Reading strategies: skimming scanning and reading for detail
Language skills circle the primary skill you will teach and underline
others students will use to help them learn




Grammar Lexis

Be specific and describe observable student behaviors, which you will
be able to see in class.
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to skim to confirm prediction,
scan to find specific information and answer Qs
Show detailed understanding of the text.

Preliminary considerations:
What vocabulary/grammar/information/skills do your students already know in
relation to todays lesson?
Ss have the grammar and vocabulary to understand the general meaning of
the text and answer the questions without pre-teaching vocabulary.


What aspects of the lesson do you

anticipate your students might
find challenging/difficult?

How will you avoid and/or address

each of these problem areas?

Ss may be shay to participate and

share their sleeping habits

I will encourage them by telling

examples about myself

Ss take a lot of time in the skimming

I will specify the time for them.

Stage/ Purpose


PCELT Lesson Plan Form


To introduce

To activate Ss
schema and
associated with
To set context
of reading


Introduce topic in jigsaw activity of a picture of sleeping girl.

Give Ss a minute t rearrange the pieces to know or see the complete pictur
Ask Ss to clap for the winner couple- put the picture on the board
Ask Ss t describe the picture.

Elicit a couple of answers Ss associated with topic.

Ask Ss- when do you go to sleep?- do you eat your dinner right before going
bed? Or you have it early? - could you tell me when you wake up in the mo
Ask Ss who can know tell me what is the tittle of our lesson?

Tell Ss they are going to read text about some good habits can help them to
sleep well!

To speculate on
content of text


To skim text for

general idea

Show Ss text and ask them to read it quickly to check their answers (guess
Tell Ss to turn thir papers over when they do not need to understand every
Ss check in pairs. Elist correct answers.
Task 2:
Tell Ss they should read text again quickly to find the righ answers. Point to
exercise on Ho.
Tell Ss if the answer is wrong or false they have to give the right answer.
(F) The main idea of the text is that there are several different things you c
to make sure you sleep well.
(F) Bedroom, sleep schedule, exercise, nicotine and caffeine.
(F) Can help you sleep better.
(F) All of them except tryptophan.
Peer check feedback to group.
Task3: Ss read for detail
Draw Ss attention to Qs on handout.
Tell Ss they are going to read the text again and answer Qs.
CCQ: Are you going to write sentences?
Ss answer Qs
Ss compare in pairs
While ss are comparing ask ss to write answers on board.
Task 4: vocabulary
Ask Ss to find words in bold in the text, underline and reread the sentences
Tell ss to match the word with its meaning on the handout. Show ss where.
Tell ss to guess the meaning from the sentence ss do the matching.
Ask ss to read the word and the meaning.

To scan for
specific details

To read text for


To guess
meaning of
items from

question prompts on the board.

Which one is better to sleep in a dark room or lighted room?
(Staying on a sleep schedule) what does it means?
What is the temperature degree that most people sleep at?
Ss guess. (think- pair- share) note some guesses on the board.


PCELT Lesson Plan Form

Ask ss if they agree

Who have a different answer?
Affect (v)/ cause a change
Recover (v)/ return to normal or to get better
Schedule (n) list of times when things will happen combining (n) putting tog
Essential (adj) necessary-important.
Give ss chance
to use a
different skill


Stage/ Purpose

Tell ss to think of an exercise that they will do when you work up in the mor
they have 1 minute



PCELT Lesson Plan Form


To share
ideas in

Tell Ss to write three or four wrong habits that they usually do before going
bed and how they will change theses habits!
Tell Ssto share their ideas with each other
Feedback on ideas

To comment on
language use