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2. Find the correct answer

1. Urogenital sinus extends into the
2. Renal arterial
3. Right renal artery
5. Transitional epithelium of bladder doesnt
3. Find the correct answer
1. Water exchange between decreasing limb of vasa recta and ascending limb of
vasa recta through the intestium of the kidney
2. Urea is exchange between decreasing limb of Henley and ascending tubule
3. Manitol decrease the osmolarity of tubular fluid of the nephron
4. 10% calcium is filtred by glomerular filtration
5. Primary site of magnesium absorption by PCT
4. Find out correct answer
1. Leaving fluid from DCT is hypo osmotic
2. Albunuria indicate that there is increase in permeability of the filtration
3. Creatine clearance is less than urea as it more absorbed than urea by tubules
4. Blood clotting and air embolism are common feature in peritoneal dialysis
5. Endothelial nitric acid if inhibited by drugs, increase the glomerular filtration
5. Find the correct answer
1. Radiograph of kidneys, ureter and urinary bladder after injection of radio
opaque contrast medium is called intravenous pyelogram
2. Neural mechanism dominates in controlling GFR
3. A 70kg normal man excrete a minimum of 2000 litre of urine per day to get
rid of 600milli osmoles of solute per day
4. Red blood cells in urine may not be a possible contamination by menstrual
5. Renal blood flow and glomerular filtration does not decline by 50% at the age