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This story is widely known.

A father was very worried over quarreling sons.
Almost all his attempts to make them realize the importance of unity failed.
He was nearing death;
He called all his sons;
He gave them each a stick and asked them to break it; they broke easily;
then he asked them to bundle the sticks.
And he asked them to break the sticks in the bundle;
The sons could not break however hard they tried.

This story is narrated to explain the power of togetherness;

unity is strength .
Wonderful yes..
Yet I draw another lesson from this story.
Any new habit or behavior - if it is nurtured on a regular basis it can become a part of your nature..
Power of consistency.
This process of conditioning is well explained by this story.
Like in the story, a single stick - it gets easily broken; same way any new learning or skill or behavior if
done only once like the single stick breaks away from our system easily.
If every day we practice it is akin to tying one stick everyday to the bundle;
in about 21 days, like the bundle of sticks cannot be broken easily and the sticks stay safe together, this
new behavior stays with the individual safely.
Stick to the practice regularly;
What you nurture becomes your nature.